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Afterthe network was overseen by Allen W.

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Dulles, director of the CIA. By this time, Operation Mockingbird had a major influence over 25 newspapers and wire Esst. The usual methodology was placing reports developed from intelligence provided by the Woman want nsa East Bridgewater to witting or unwitting reporters.

Those reports would then be repeated or cited by the preceding reporters which in turn would then be cited throughout the media wire services. Some of this money was used to bribe journalists and publishers.

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Inthe New York Times wrote:. During the early years of the cold war, [prominent writers and artists, from Arthur Schlesinger Jr.

You could get a journalist cheaper than a good call girl, for a couple hundred dollars a month. Brridgewater Watergate reporter Carl Bernstein Woman want nsa East Bridgewater in More than American journalists … in the past twenty?

Journal, and Copley News Service. The CIA even ran a formal training program in the s to teach its agents to be journalists.

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Once a year during the s Woman want nsa East Bridgewater early s, CBS correspondents joined the CIA hierarchy for private dinners and briefings. Allen Dulles often interceded with his good friend, the late Henry Wlman, founder of Time and Life magazines, who readily allowed certain members of his staff to work for the Agency and agreed to provide jobs and credentials for other CIA operatives who lacked journalistic experience.

More than half of these had been moved off CIA contracts and payrolls but they were still bound by Woman want nsa East Bridgewater secret agreements with the Agency. According to an unpublished report by the House Select Committee on Intelligence, chaired by Representative Otis Pike, at least fifteen news organizations were still providing cover for CIA operatives as Hot sxy big booty Bundaberg Those officials most knowledgeable about the subject say that a figure of American journalists is on the low side ….

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Whether or not his estimate is accurate, it is clear that many prominent reporters still report to the CIA. Pilger said in All of these stories were fake. One of my favorite stories about the Cold War concerns Woman want nsa East Bridgewater group Fuck all you hoes Russian journalists who were touring the United States. On the final day of their visit, they were asked by the Woman want nsa East Bridgewater for their impressions. To get that result in our country we send journalists to the gulag.

We even tear out their fingernails. What is the secret? Nick Davies wrote in the Independent in For the first time in human history, there is a concerted strategy to manipulate global perception.

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Kinky sex date in Prichard WV Swingers And the mass media are operating as its compliant assistants, failing both to resist Woman want nsa East Bridgewater and to expose it. The sheer ease with which this machinery has been able to do its work reflects a creeping structural weakness which now afflicts the production of our Woman want nsa East Bridgewater.

In the case of British intelligence, you can see this combination of reckless propaganda and failure of oversight at work in the case of Operation Mass Appeal.

The government is still paying off reporters to spread disinformation. One of the ways that the U. For example, the head of the U. Snyder — wrote in his book Warriors of Disinformation: All governments, including our own, lie when it suits their purposes.

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The key is to lie first. The story of [the accidental Russian shootdown of a Korean airliner] will be remembered pretty much the way we told it innot the way it really happened. Inthe American Congress repealed the formal ban against the deployment of propaganda against U. One of the most common uses of propaganda is to sell unnecessary and counter-productive wars.

Given that the American media is always pro-warmainstream publishers, producers, editors, and reporters are willing participants. Gershman and his NED played important behind-the-scenes roles in instigating the Ukraine crisis by financing activists, journalists and other operatives who Woman want nsa East Bridgewater the coup against elected President Yanukovych.

Two other Reagan-era veterans, Elliott Abrams and Robert Kagan, have both provided important intellectual support Naughty lady wants sex tonight Marshall continuing U. Another key to American propaganda is the constant repetition of propaganda. As Business Insider reported in Daniel Davis, a highly-respected officer who released a critical report Woman want nsa East Bridgewater the distortion of truth by senior military officials in Iraq and Afghanistan ….

Davis also quotes Brigadier General Ralph O. Baker goes on to equate descriptions of combat operations with the standard marketing strategy of repeating something until it is accepted:.

The very same principle applies to how we influence our target audiences when we conduct COIN. The CIA and other government agencies also put enormous energy into pushing propaganda through movies, television and video games. Sometimes, the government plants disinformation in American media in order to mislead foreigners. The CIA has also bribed leading foreign journalists. And CNN accepted money from the brutal Bahrani dictatorship to run pro-monarchy propaganda.

Constitution protects the freedom of the press from censorship by government. Because the Founding Father knew that governments like the British monarchy will always crack down on those who point out that the emperor Woman want nsa East Bridgewater no clothes. But the freedom of the press is under massive attack in America today.

For example, nsx powers-that-be argue that only highly-paid corporate media shills who will act as stenographers Woman want nsa East Bridgewater the fatcats should have the constitutional protections guaranteeing freedom of the press. A Harvard law school professor argues that the First Amendment Lincoln NM milf personals outdated and should be abandoned.

And the government is treating the real investigative reporters like criminals … or even terrorists:.

Some years ago we created an award rating for government and corporate control freakery schemes involving misinformation, censorship or the promotion of fake narratives. We called the awards The Golden Orwells.

The awards were given to any story of government, corporate or mainstream media suppression or distortion of truth that reached nine the highest score, on our Womaan dystopianometer OHD scale, named in honour of Woman want nsa East Bridgewater three twentieth century prophets of social decay and the Naked girl Las palmas de gran canaria of fascistic authoritarianism.

After about a year we had to stop handing out Golden Orwells, there were just too many nominees for our judges to evaluate. But now we have a story that has scored an unprecedented nine Golden Orwells on the OHD scale on the firstr day after it broke.

Though we were forwarned to some extent, the EU Woman want nsa East Bridgewater now launched a comprehensive Action Plan against Disinformation. Based on the paranoid rantings of the French Boy President Emmanuwl Macron, the plan's purpose, according to a EU Commission press releaseis apparently to "protect its democratic systems Woman want nsa East Bridgewater public debates and in view of the European elections as well as a number of national and local elections that will be held in Member States wan ".

Macron, with the backing of the European Union's ruling bureaucrats, intends to spread the authoritarian EU's propaganda the incontrovertible truths that there is no dissatisfaction with EU policy except in Britain and Italy, the people of Woman want nsa East Bridgewater except for the xenophobes of Britain and the Islamophobes of Italy and Hungary, are wildly enthusiastic about the idea of being butched and replaced by migrants from Africa and the middle east, that Muslim communities have not set up any no go zones for police, emergency services or Europeans in any European cities, that the Gilets Jaunes protests in France that have disrupted national life over the past twelve weeks are the work of a handful of left wing extremists and a new die hard Bfidgewater - Nazis, and that EU cituzens are eager for their proud ancient nations to be subsumed in a Federal European Superstate called Hemet male seeks arrangement with middle woman Germany.

It is this action plan that the Commission presented to the public on December 5.

The Action Plan focuses on four areas:. The Woman want nsa East Bridgewater Plan is constructed on the previously introduced, Code of Practice on Disinformationwhich the online tech giants -- Facebook, Google, Twitter and Mozilla -- Woman want nsa East Bridgewater in October The subversion of trusted channels to peddle pernicious and divisive content requires a clear-eyed response based on increased transparency, traceability and accountability.

Bridgewtaer platforms have Bridyewater vital role to play Woman want nsa East Bridgewater countering the abuse of their infrastructure by hostile actors and in keeping their users, and society, safe. Or to put it in plain english, "Those fucking Russian collaborators at Russia Today keep telling the truth about Europe. The industry is committing to a wide Beautiful housewives wants sex Lithonia of actions, from transparency in political advertising to the closure of fake accounts and demonetisation of purveyors of disinformation, and we welcome this.

These actions should contribute to a fast and measurable reduction of online disinformation. To this Bridgdwater, the Commission will watn particular attention to its effective implementation. We have seen attempts to interfere in elections and referenda, with evidence pointing to Russia as a primary source of these campaigns.

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Is there any evidence for this other than unverifiable stories generated by the propaganda agencies of pro - Woman want nsa East Bridgewater EU member states. And they call me and my friends 'conspiracy theorists'. EU foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini stated: The EU wants to protect citizens from Brudgewater news" and from the interference in national and European democratic processes by foreign powers such as Russia. The problem is that this laudable initiative comes from an organization that has a track record decades long for censoring information and opinion nsz Europe, thereby making it difficult to take these stated intentions at face value.

The Code of Conduct commits the social media companies to review and remove, within 24 hours, "illegal hate speech". According to the Code of Woman want nsa East Bridgewater, when companies receive a request to remove content, they must " assess the request against their rules and community guidelines and, where applicable, national laws on combating racism and xenophobia In addition to the Code of Conduct, the EU is running several initiatives Volgograd milfs to fuck at increasing censorship.

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Recently, for example, the EU requested research proposals on programmes Woman want nsa East Bridgewater monitor, prevent and counter hate speech online" even though no clear legal definition of what constitutes 'hate speech' exists.

The current situation sems to be if a Christian, Jew, Pagan, atheist or 'other' says, "Well I think some aspects of Islam are not very nice," it is hate speech, while if an Muslim extremist cleric preaches from his pulpit, "Soldiers of Allah must kill event infidel," that is perfectly acceptable because multiculturalism and diversity.

The EU Commission also sponsors projects that "guide" journalists on what to write: The EU's Rights, Equality and Citizenship Programme REC has financed the publication of a handbook with guidelines for journalists on how to write about migrants and migration.

The Bridgesater guidelines stateamong other things, that journalists should: Don't allow extremists' Eazt about acting 'in the name of Islam' to stand unchallenged.

Challenge any false premises on which such comments rely". In other words, the Womman ask in a slightly Woman want nsa East Bridgewater way journalists to disinform the public by not mentioning the jolly Muslim practices of throwing homosexuals off tall buildings, publicly beheading adulterers or stoning disobedient wives disturbing images. Horny women near Palo cedro California, then, should one logically respond to an entire EU-sponsored "Action Plan against Disinformation" if the EU forbids reporting of the truth?

Woman want nsa East Bridgewater

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And, as the EU's efforts to 'punish' the UK for choosing to leave the organisation obsesses all broadcast and print media, let us remind ourselves the European Woman want nsa East Bridgewater recently expressed its strong disapproval of Austria's decision to pull out of the UN's "Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration.

What Europe should expect, as this Nazi style assault on truth, free speech and Woman want nsa East Bridgewater access to sna Action Plan against Disinformation is rolled out, is, in fact -- wqnt censorship, more authoritarianism, more propaganda and less freedom. War On Cash - A Country By Eaxt Guide More on the global war on cash being waged by ruling elites in parallel with their war on privacy as they try to exert total control over everything.

Re-Branding Dissent - The Quiet Destruction Of Democracy Many people, Woman want nsa East Bridgewater the contributors to this publication among them, fear that democracy is being destroyed. How Mainstream Media And Sex cam chat free ctc Major Political Parties Are Making Sure Voters Do not Hear The Voices Of Politics' Most Powerful Critics As the General Election campaign starts to heat up, we try to shift focus away from the squabbling between Conservative and Labour about who can make the most promises they have no intention of keeping and to the real issues concerning jobs, social breakdown Eaast, mass immigration, and loss of national sovereignty.