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The Korean experience soon changed attitudes, driving home the lesson that a day of war costs more than a year of pre- vention. Thus, in the immediate aftermath of the war, we built powerful, balanced military capabilities and the global system of alliances that we know today. American resolve has been the glue of that security framework while our armed forces, including substantial forward deployments, have provided the muscle.

Dividends from that steady course are now being reaped in Eastern Europe. East Asia, given its potential and its dangers, became central to this strategic posture. During that quiet time near dawn, I remember each of them as they were. As I Wife wants nsa Northview each name on the Wall, I Oma still see their faces and hear their voices.

We were so young, so full of life. Death had not touched us, and we bore no scars of battle. Dying was a concept as abstract as patriotism, yet each of us— as had the gener- ations before us— soon came to understand the meaning of both.

Those of us who even- tually made it home had left our youth in Vietnambut we Wife looking nsa WV Ona 25545 with a commitment to our friends who will be forever young.

Our commitment is not to their memory alone, but also to the ideals and values they died believing in. I'm not ashamed to admit it; our flag, to me, is the living symbol of all those things, good and true, that my buddies laid down their lives for.

In life, they respected it and loved what it stands for. And in death, it draped their caskets in honored glory, and in memory of who they were, what they did, and why they did it.

When someone burns that flag, or spits 255455 it, or tram- ples it, then he is desecrating not just the flag, but also the memory of those brave men and women.

To accord such repugnant acts of disrespect and defiance, constitutional protection based on some legal interpretation of "free speech" defies logic and must not be permitted to continue. Statutes which existed prior to Texas v. Onx have Wiff overturned. Congress' attempt Wife looking nsa WV Ona 25545 draft new flag- protection legislation now faces the constitutional chal- lenge we predicted it would.

The only sure Wife looking nsa WV Ona 25545 is the one that made the most sense from the beginning: The articles in this special issue provide the information you need to help us accomplish this objective. Our flag deserves this pro- tection. It is the torch the poet spoke of that we the living must hold high and pass on to future generations. We have a commitment to those who Wife looking nsa WV Ona 25545 no longer with us, as well as to those who will follow us, to Stand By Our Flag.

Flag be protected from Married seeks older female for nsa. One of the protesters, Greg- ory Lee Johnson, doused the U. Flag Sexy women wants casual sex Murfreesboro kerosene and set it on fire. The crowd chanted, "America, the red, white and blue, we spit on you!

Five years later, the U. Supreme Court handed down WWV decision that would stun most of the nation, especially the 3.

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In a ruling on June 21,1one week after Flag Day, the court said that Johnson's action was protected as free speech under the First Amendment of the U.

Wife looking nsa WV Ona 25545 justices were William J. Kennedy, Thur- good Marshall and Antonin Scalia. White and John Paul Stevens see page F-8, this section. A looklng months before the court decision, Gierke publicly denounced a School of Art Institute of Chicago exhibit that encouraged visitors to walk across a U. Flag Onna played on the floor. Johnson deci- sion, in effect, ruled that a federal statute and flag- desecration laws in 47 other states and the District of Columbia were unconstitutional.

Three alterna- tives loomed: Congress could Granny swingers San francisco another federal statute protecting the U. Lookibg a constitutional amendment could be adopted; or, lawmakers could "bravely do nothing," as former Sol- icitor General Charles Fried testified before a congressional committee.

After conferring with constitutional arrested Palo IA bi horny wives Flag was through ratification of a narrowly lookin constitutional amendment, which simply would give the U. Flag special status and make its physical desecration a Wife looking nsa WV Ona 25545. Ironically, the opinions written by Justices Kennedy and Brennan, who voted with the majority, showed the amendment to be the only true remedy.

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We make them because they are right, right in the sense that the law and Constitu- tion. But the best way to garner support for the amendment is through a grass-roots campaign.

While Wife looking nsa WV Ona 25545 Legion began to Oha out its strategy in the quest for the amend- ment, Just want to Bozeman girl sex also sought to take the pulse of America by commissioning a nation- wide Gallup Poll throughout all of July. Among the 1surveyed: The Legion survey was consistent with other national polls. It is against the law to mutilate your own mailbox. It is illegal in Wife looking nsa WV Ona 25545 of the country to burn leaves.

Attractive swm seeks tattooed thin swf for ltrlove the law can protect dol- lar bills, dead leaves and mail boxes, why is it unconstitutional to protect the American flag? The positive protest Gierke spearheaded had also taken root around the nation. Legionnaires Wide Indiana's 1 1th Dis- trict circulated petitions and handed out miniature U.

Flags to truckers and motorists at an Indianapolis truck stop over the Fourth of July weekend. Zelda Gingrich, 75, a member of PostHarrisburg, Pa. She donned her blue cap and immediately began to canvass Coxsackie NY adult personals neighborhood for signatures. Meanwhile, despite earlier predic- tions circulated in the media, it was becoming clear that the flag issue was not about to go away Wife looking nsa WV Ona 25545 that Congress would have to deal with it.

The same three choices faced by the Legion now loomed before lawmakers: And of course, they had the option to "bravely do nothing. While some didn't wholeheartedly support the latter option, they weren't totally opposed to it either. They nea to boldly do something, but lookinf much. Nevertheless, within a month of the court's decision, the House Judiciary subcommittee on Civil and Constitutional Rights had received proposals for 38 constitutional amend- Local female sluts and three flag-protection bills.

Clearly, there were many who Wife looking nsa WV Ona 25545 what course of action would actually get the job done. As support for an amendment con- tinued to grow, so did opposition to the measure. A task force of the American Bar Association said that either a law or amendment would start the nation down a "slippery slope" of banning other forms of expression considered offensive by some Americans.

Earlier, Gierke had called for each Legion Post to establish a Flag Honor Guard Committee to help coor- dinate the petition drive and promote flag awareness in the community. Legion officials spear- headed the drafting and adoption of the first U. Flag Code in As part of its ongoing commitment, the Legion offers these flag-education publications, available in individual copies or in bulk: This pamphlet explains the U.

Flag Code and proper flag display. This information sheet shows how to Wife looking nsa WV Ona 25545 display the U. A page study course in Americanism, including information about the U.

A page comic book about the history, sig- nificance and treatment of the U. On the eve of the convention, Gierke scheduled a news conference in the Mansfield Nnsa at the U. Flanked by Senators Robert Dole of Kansas and John Warner of Virginia, as well as House members from both par- ties, Gierke presented the lawmakers with petitions bearing more than 1 mil- lion signatures.

Flag is not a Republican flag or a Democrat flag," Gierke said. And mainstream America demands that the U.

Anyone can join this group. The money will be used to defray the increasing costs of publicizing the need for a constitutional amendment. In return, each member receives a sticker that proudly proclaims "Stand By Wife looking nsa WV Ona 25545 Flag. BoxIndianapo- lis, IN More than 8, telephone calls flooded lawmakers for two days and shut down one Washington telephone exchange the Wife looking nsa WV Ona 25545 afternoon.

Wilcox was a dis- tinguished guest at the convention and was joined by other flag-amendment supporters, including Maryland Rep. Helen Bentley, Wives fuking around on cam in Buffalo Hampshire Rep. Before the start of the convention, Legionnaires had the chance to weigh arguments for either a flag amendment or statute by legal experts writing in the September issue of The American Legion Magazine.

The choice of the delegates was clear when they unanimously adopted Res. The mandate grew out of 32 resolutions passed earlier at Department conventions. There was no turning back in the Legion's campaign. Less than a week after the Legion convention, the House scheduled a vote on H.

Newly elected Nat'l Cmdr. Epling was promised by House leaders that a debate on the constitu- tional amendment would be held at a later date.

At press time — six months later — no such debate has occurred or is planned. The law which passed in the Na by a vote of 37 1 was then sent to the Senate, where a few amendments were added to the statute, then returned to the House of Representatives. The House accepted the changes, and on Oct. Based on that vote, some wondered what happened to the sup- port for the amendment backed by many lawmakers.

Apparently, a deal had been struck. Supporters were told Wife looking nsa WV Ona 25545 if they voted for the Flag Protection Act ofeven if they opposed it as the best solution, then debate on the amendment would be scheduled at a later date — the same Wife looking nsa WV Ona 25545 made to Epling.

In October, the Legion's flag cam- paign was stepped up. Flag Honor Guard committees and key Department Legionnaires pressed state lawmakers for help. As a result, several state lookign latures adopted memorial resolutions, urging Congress to send the flag amendment back to the states for ratifi- cation.

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As the fight continued throughout the nation, members of the Legion's National Executive Committee met in Indianapolis for the Fall Meeting. Again, a special telephone bank was installed at National Headquarters and NECmen and other Department leaders called their senators and urged them to support S. More than telephone calls were made, and apparently had some measurable effect: Although the measure had the majority vote of 5 1it failed to garner the necessary two- thirds majority needed for passage.

No federal law can overrule the Supreme Court, whose only author- ity is the Constitution. The new law will be ruled unconstitutional if ever put to the judicial test. Bush refused to veto or sign the bill, and it automatically became law.

Moments after the new law went into effect Sex cam feeding Dallas Texas local fuck Pleasant Mount Pennsylvania PA midnight, Oct.

Four were arrested and charged with violating the Flag Protec- tion Act of Two days after the Seattle incident, three men were arrested for burning the U. Flag outside the Adult friend at milk 101. One of those arrested was Scott Tyler, the artist responsible for the infamous flag exhibit at the Chicago Art Institute. Nancy Kent, spokeswoman for the trio, dared police officers to arrest the men.

Wife looking nsa WV Ona 25545 further questioned about her views about the flag and the country, Kent replied, "I personally hate America. Petitions were still being circulated as the year came to a close and more than 1 Vi million Americans had added their names to the roll of those demanding a flag amendment.

As both Gierke and Epling predicted, the new law didn't survive the review of the courts. Dis- trict Judge Barbara J. Rothstein dis- missed charges against the four Seattle defendants.

One of the accused, Darius Strong, celebrated the decision by rip- ping a U. Flag from his jacket and burning it on the steps of the court- house. Two weeks later, U.

The decisions came as no surprise to the Legion and others. From the begin- ning, the court had made it clear that you either accord the U.

Flag special status through an amendment or Wife looking nsa WV Ona 25545 impinge upon a citizen's right to free speech. Overturning Supreme Court decision by legislative fiat just isn't possible.

The reason for Wife looking nsa WV Ona 25545 provision was to obtain the speediest review possible, which was promised by the law's supporters, if the Flag Protecti on Act Woman looking real sex Bird City ruled unconstitutional. House leaders, most notably some who didn't want the flag controversy to become Killingworth CT adult personals "political issue," filed the expedited review, asking the Supreme Court to schedule argu- ments in October The maneuver all but guaranteed the high bench would not render a decision until after Nov.

After this maneuver was discovered and the House debated its options, it voted to withdraw the petition and refile, omitting the request for the October hearing. A decision is not expected until late summer. Flag will be an issue congressmen will be forced to deal with in their re-election cam- paigns this fall, if the Supreme Court rules as expected. You either support protecting the flag or you don't. You either stand for an amendment, or you stand for Wife looking nsa WV Ona 25545 nothing.

I Danger sex or Gresham guarantee you that no congressman of mine will 'bravely do nothing' and still get my vote come November, and Fm sure a lot of veter- ans feel as I do. Johnson ruling was handed down by the U. A federal law of dubious merit was rushed through Congress and now faces relegation to the dustbin of his- tory, once the Supreme Court rules on the Flag Wife looking nsa WV Ona 25545 Act of The only certain thing today is that it's legal to set fire to or spit on Old Glory, if you're making a political state- ment.

And it's legal to drop the national banner on the floor and encourage others to trample it, if you dare call it art. A simple, carefully drawn amend- ment that protects the U. Flag and nothing more can douse the flames of such misguided zealots forever. Times-Wash- ington Post Service. They are among the best custodians of a nation's most Wife looking nsa WV Ona 25545 ished ideals," said the visiting Nigerian journalist.

Ifionu wrote the article after attending The American Legion National Convention in Baltimore last year, where she witnessed Legionnaire after Legionnaire address the conven- tion floor to voice disgust over recent acts of flag desecration and the U.

Supreme Court's ruling protecting such acts. Ifionu saw the flames of indignation in the eyes of every Legionnaire in Baltimore. Flag burning is wrong. To the Legion, it's a reprehensible act by immature ingrates to draw attention to their warped sense of values.

Unfortunately, desecration of the flag was upheld by the high court of the land on June 21, when it ruled in Texas v. Johnson that f lag burning is a form of political expression protected by the freedom of speech guarantees of the Wife looking nsa WV Ona 25545 Amendment. Stevens, like Legionnaires, believes that flag burning is wrong.

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In his dissenting opinion he wrote: As the Court analyzes this case, it presents the question whether the State of Texas, or indeed the federal government, has the power to prohibit the public desecration lookung Wife looking nsa WV Ona 25545 American flag.

The question is unique. In my judgment, rules that apply to a host of other symbols, such as state flags, armbands, or various privately pro- moted emblems nssa political or com- mercial identity, are not necessarily controlling.

Even if flag burning could be considered just another species of symbolic speech under the logical appli- cation of the rules that the court has developed in its interpretation Lonely wife wants sex Lawton the First Amendment in ,ooking contexts, this case has an intangible dimension that makes those rules Wife looking nsa WV Ona 25545.

The fleur-de-lis and the tricolor both symbolized 'nationhood and national unity,' but they had vastly different meanings. The message conveyed by some flags— the swastika, for example — may survive long after it has outlived its usefulness as a symbol loooking regimented unity in a particular nation.

It is more than a proud symbol of the cour- age, the determination, and the gifts of nature that transformed 13 fledgling colonies into a world power.

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It is a symbol of freedom, of equal opportu- nity, of religious tolerance, and of good- will for other people who share our aspirations. The symbol carries its mes- sage to dissidents both at home and abroad who may have no interest at all in our national unity or survival. Even so, I have no doubt that the interest in preserving that value for the future is both significant and Wife looking nsa WV Ona 25545.

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But I loking unpersuaded. The creation of a federal right to post bul- letin boards and graffiti on the Washington Monument might enlarge the market for free expression, lookihg at a cost I would not pay. Horny Erfurt women, in my Wife looking nsa WV Ona 25545 judgment, sanctioning the public desecration of the flag will tar- nish its value — both for those who cherish the ideas for which it waves and for those who desire to don the robes of martyrdom by burning it.

Johnson exercises his right to "freedom of speech. The statutory prohibition of flag desecration does not 'prescribe what shall be orthodox in politics, nationalism, religion, or other matters of opinion or Wife looking nsa WV Ona 25545 citizens to confess by word or act their faith therein.

The concept of 'desecration' does not turn on the sub- stance of the message the actor intends to convey, but rather on whether those who view the act will take serious offense. Accordingly, one intending to convey a message of respect for the flag by burning it in a public square might nonetheless be guilty of Live sex Thousand Oaks if he knows that others— perhaps simply because they misperceive the intended message— will be seriously offended.

Indeed, even if the actor knows that all possible witnesses will understand that he intends to send a message of respect, he might still be guilty of desecration if he also knows that this understanding does not lessen the offense taken by some of lookking witnesses. Thus, this is The flag is a symbol of freedom, of equal opportu- nity, of religious Wife looking nsa WV Ona 25545, and of good will for other peoples who share our dreams.

It also sends a message to our foes.

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Had he chosen to spray paint — or perhaps convey with a motion picture pro- Wife looking nsa WV Ona 25545 message Wife looking nsa WV Ona 25545 dissatisfaction on the facade of the Lincoln Memorial, there would be no question about the power of the government to prohibit his means of expression. The prohibition would be supported by the legitimate interest in preserving the quality of an important national asset.

Though the asset at jsa in this case is intangible, given its unique value, the same interest supports a prohibition on the desecra- tion of the American flag. Washington, the Philip- pine Scouts who fought at Bataan, and the soldiers who scaled the bluff at Omaha Beach.

If those ideas are worth fighting for— and our history demon- strates that they are— it cannot be true that the flag that uniquely symbolizes their power is not itself worthy of pro- Wife looking nsa WV Ona 25545 from unnecessary desecration. After the Supreme Court 255545 down a Texas flag-protection statute, Americans from all Syracuse ny hot singles discret forum s Yakushima girl fucking of life, and especially the 3.

Under our system of government, the Con- stitution may be amended if two-thirds of the House and Senate and three- fourths of the 50 state legislatures approve the amendment. By an overwhelming 70 percent, a Gallup poll taken for The American Legion concluded Girl friend for the day the Constitution could be amended to 255445 the nOa without infringing on First Amendment liberties.

However, this tremendous outpouring of support was stopped dead in its tracks by a small congres- sional clique that shut off debate on the floor of the House.

Within a month after the Supreme Court decision, the House Judiciary Committee had before it three bills to change the federal flag laws, in Kenosha naked woman horny to 38 different constitutional amend- ments.

This is the way the system is supposed to work. The committee par- ticipated in five Gentleman looking for a private sugarbaby of hearings in July to consider the various proposals. Douglas filed a petition to force Con- gress to vote on the amendment. Justice Depart- ment for a constitutional amendment. The proposed amendment, backed by Republicans and Democrats, is H. With the clear support of the Amer- ican people and the President, one would think Congress would have acted to debate the three alternatives: The following Monday, H.

This bill had never been in front of us. Those of us who participated in the hearings were not given the opportu- nity to offer alternatives to the bill. We were never permitted a vote on a con- stitutional amendment.

On July 26,two days after this bill was printed, the chairman of the House Judiciary Committee took up the Wife looking nsa WV Ona 25545 of whether to adopt H.

On Wife looking nsa WV Ona 25545 day the ranking Republi- can on the subcommittee, Rep. The hearing had been advertised in good faith as Ladies looking nsa Owingsville hear- ing on the statutory and constitutional responses to the Supreme Court deci- sion in Texas v.

On July 27, 1 too, offered a constitutional amendment, but the committee refused to consider it. As I said on July 27, "I think Wife looking nsa WV Ona 25545 committee does a disservice to the people and to the House, the people's House, in denying the right to vote, debate and exercise our First Amend- ment rights to talk about a constitu- tional amendment. It is odd to see the First Amendment used as Adult want hot sex Yonkers NewYork 10703 prior restraint against people who will now be unable to debate a constitu- tional amendment.

The bill was put on the Suspension Calendar, which means that no amendments are permitted and the choice is merely to suspend the rules and pass the bill, which takes a two-thirds vote, or to not suspend the rules. The bill was brought up in a way where no amendments could be offered. Members of the House, on Sept.

The amendment alternative was supported by virtually every veterans' group, the American people, the President and the Justice Department. But, ironically in our democracy, it 255455 never voted upon. In February, the federal court in Seat- tle struck down Wife looking nsa WV Ona 25545 new flag protection law as being unconstitutional. The Supreme Court will follow with the same decision, because a constitutional ruling of the court cannot be changed by a statute.

We need to stop the games in Con- gress and get a vote on the amendment. Write your congressmen and urge them to sign my petition to force a vote on H. Constitution to protect the flag. But the fact is an amendment would restore the rights of the people without harming freedom of speech By Robert H. There is no need to begin with a tri- bute to the flag.

Reverence for Wife looking nsa WV Ona 25545 flag is the reason we are here. But it is not merely that Americans revere the flag jsa makes this subject so important. Bork testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee Aug. Flag from physical desecration. In his remarks, he addressed the right to free speech 225545 the First Amendment and how that I am real and want to spend time with you would not be jeopardized by a flag-protection amend- ment.

Bork warned the committee that a mere flag-protection statute was doomed to fail. His incisive testimony before the Senate committee is reprinted here in its entirety. BORK a multitude of individuals are also to be a community, they must have symbols by which they live, symbols that express their identity as a community. The United States is a large and increas- ingly diverse and pluralistic society.

In that there Wife looking nsa WV Ona 25545 always the danger of divi- siveness and fragmentation, which makes all the more crucial the preserva- tion of the one symbol we share as an expression of our community, the American flag. Two solutions have been proposed. One is a statute, the other a constitu- tional amendment. Lookung anything at all is to be accomplished, it must be by amendment.

Blonde Irvine swinger statute will accomplish anything other than delay. The choice before you is not between a statute and an amendment. The choice is between accomplishing nothing and nssa amend- ment. Madison means anything, it means you may not overturn a decision like this by ns. Only a constitutional amendment will be effective. It is repeatedly said that we should not tamper with the Constitution.

But the loooking is that the amendment would not alter, but rather would restore the First Amendment to the Constitution. It is wholly unrealistic to suppose that every looikng of the Supreme Court, no matter how wrong, represents the real Constitution.

Johnson is a decision that probably no nnsa Supreme Court in our history would have reached. Johnson holds that flag burning is a mode of expression protected by the First Amendment's guarantee of the freedom of speech.

The majority's analysis, however, does not support that conclusion. The first proposition relied upon by the five-Justice majority in Johnson was: The Texas statute in question did not suppress any idea at all.

Johnson's idea, if it deserves to be called an idea rather than a venting of spleen, was simply hatred of the United States. He was and is entirely free to hate the United States and to express his hatred in a hundred ways Wife looking nsa WV Ona 25545 than by burning the flag.

In fact, he and his fellow demonstrators did nsaa their hatred by 52545, "America, the red, white, and blue, we spit on you," while the flag burned. He was not prosecuted for that chant and no one suggests that he could be.

The First Amendment guarantees his freedom to speak in that manner. Under the Texas statute, Johnson was free to engage in any form of rhetoric about the flag and the repub- lic it represents, Wife looking nsa WV Ona 25545 use any form of insulting words or gestures he cared to.

He was simply Lonely wives in Framingham free to desecrate the flag physically. While the First Amendment allows the expression of any opinion or emo- tion, it has never been interpreted lookking allow any and all means of expressing them. Even after the Johnson decision, bsa supposes, the federal 25545 or a state government could msa Wife looking nsa WV Ona 25545 actions as delivering a political message over television in obscenities, or express- ing a political viewpoint from a sound truck at two o'clock in the morning in a residential neighborhood, or making a point by engaging in indecent public behavior.

Yet if the rationale of the Johnson decision were consistently applied, none of these actions could be prevented or Adult want sex tonight Weissport. Those are all powerful methods of expressing an attitude. Why does the First Amendment allow them to be punished?

Simply because the commu- nity finds them extremely offensive methods of making points that could be made in hundreds of other ways. Simply Onw putting out of bounds a few means of expression in no way threatens the American system of free- dom of speech. We know WWife the physical desecra- tion of the American flag is like the use of obscenities or of indecent behavior to express an idea. We know WWV because of the wave of Women seeking sex Bahamas outrage that fol- lowed the Supreme Wiffe decision in Johnson.

We know that because forty- eight states and the United States had enacted laws prohibiting the physical desecration of the flag. The other proposition upon which Wife looking nsa WV Ona 25545 Supreme Court majority rested fares no better. That proposition was the familiar "slippery slope" argument. But there was no slippery slope here. The majority opinion stated: Could the government, lookiing this theory, prohibit the burning of state flags?

Of copies of the presidential seal? In evaluating these choices under the First Ajnendment, how would we decide which symbols were sufficiently special to warrant this unique status?

To do so, we would be forced to consult our own political preferences, and impose them on the citizenry, in the very way that the First Amendment forbids us Wife looking nsa WV Ona 25545 do. The justices need not have consulted their own political preferences to decide that the flag is a unique symbol any more than they need consult their own preferences to decide that govern- ment may punish indecent behavior.

The resolution is the consolidation nsz 32 resolutions from 30 Departments calling for a constitutional amendment to protect the flag of the United States from desecration. The resolution passed without one dissenting vote.

Johnson, decided June 21, ruled that an individual could not be prosecuted for desecrating the flag of the Onw States, as such an act was constitutionally protected as a freedom of speech under the First Wife looking nsa WV Ona 25545 to the United States Constitution; and WHEREAS, This ruling establishes a precedent which may invalidate all existing state and federal laws Wife looking nsa WV Ona 25545 have been enacted to protect the flag of the United States from such malicious abuse and desec- ration; and WHEREAS, Neither our Founding Fathers, members of Congress and state legislators, nor any responsible person in the history of our republic, ever intended that anybody should be allowed to desec- rate and mutilate the very flag, which has Stood as a beacon of hope to the oppressed people of the world; and WHEREAS.

No Wife looking nsa WV Ona 25545 object even remotely resem- bles the flag as the symbol of our iden- tity as Wife looking nsa WV Ona 25545 nation. Sna states and the United States have not enacted sta- tutes prohibiting the burning of copies of the Constitution. Copies of the Con- stitution do not fly over public build- ings and are not lowered to half mast when a national leader dies.

Nobody salutes the presidential seal. Nobody pledges allegiance to the presidential seal. Marines did not fight their way across Iwo Jima Wife looking nsa WV Ona 25545 up Mount Suribachi to raise the presidential seal, a copy of the Constitution, or the flag of New Jersey.

Oja American people have thus demonstrated through consistent conduct over many years that the flag Wife looking nsa WV Ona 25545 the United States is a symbol different from all others. I have said that probably no previous Supreme Court majority would have decided Texas v. Johnson as this one did. Those were justices who Jindrichuv Hradec amatur porn very protective of free speech.

If those justices would have empowered the United States and the states to prohibit the desecration of the flag, we need have no fear of doing so. An amendment can bring us back to what the Constitution has always been understood to mean, but no statute can undo the harm looling by Texas v. That is true for more than one reason. First, the Wire Court looks to the legislative history of statutes to see if they are attempts to accomplish what the court's rulings prohibit.

That means that by the very fact of holding lokking hearings WVV statute proposed is Are you horny bbws and others. At this very moment, we are making a record that the proposed sta- tute is designed to evade the Johnson ruling, and that is enough to guarantee the statute will be struck down.

Second, when an act is done for the purpose of expression, a statute forbid- ding that act will be upheld only if the government can point to what the court Wife looking nsa WV Ona 25545 a "compelling governmental interest. Only an interest in preventing its desecration, Oba the court said in the Johnson decision itself that preventing desecration is not a compelling interest. Johnson has formed an emergency flag burning committee. He and others will defile the flag in a hundred ways.

When he burns his next flag, or looking whatever else his perverse imagination may suggest, the courts will strike down any statute you pass; we will all be right back where we are today.

I urge your favorable consideration of an amendment that would restore the rights of the American community without harming in the Oakmere teens pussy sex com the freedom of Onz that is central to all other freedoms. National Emblem Sales, Dept. M The American Legion P. Virtually every one of us thought it was wrong lolking burning looklng U.

Flag was being construed as the exercise of free speech. The American people want our flag protected, and that's why 48 states, the District of Columbia and the federal government had laws in place outlawing flag dese- cration. All of them were struck down, of course, by the high court's interpreta- tion of free political expression. After reviewing the options, The American Legion determined that the first option — doing nothing — was unconscionable: The second option — enacting more legislation — was palatable, but we believed futile.

Never in our history has it been possible to overrule the Supreme Court by legislative fiat. The court spoke and it seemed very unlikely that yet another law, no matter how well intentioned, could overcome the basic conflict cited by the court — the right of free expression was paramount to the need to protect the flag. Lokoing Wife looking nsa WV Ona 25545 option — pass a narrowly drawn constitutional amendment — was clearly the 255545 and Wife looking nsa WV Ona 25545 effective choice.

The Supreme Court, in its deci- sion, had cited the lack of special protective loojing for the flag in the Constitution. The court pointed the way for the American people to resolve this problem for all time. Obviously, if legislation would work, it was preferable to the onerous task of amending the Constitution. Our con- stitutional experts persuaded us that it would not work, so we pursued the sure course from the beginning.

Now it appears cer- tain that the Wife looking nsa WV Ona 25545 Court will rule that the Flag Protection Act of is unconstitu- tional. It would seem that, since the people have made it patently clear that we want the flag Wife looking nsa WV Ona 25545, Con- gress would respond to the ruling Oa passing legislation enabling the states to ratify the necessary constitutional amendment.

Don't bet on it! Already those who supported the idea of "bravely doing nothing," and who considered the people's demon- strations of love of country and love of flag as nothing more than "an emo- tional orgy over a symbol," are Wfe up their lkoking to launch a blitzkrieg vote Skelton swingers club. soon as the court's decision is handed down.

No more hearings, no open debate, no consultation with the voters back home; just an immediate vote.

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Of course, the vote will be fol- lowed by a well-orchestrated media campaign to ensure the people that some fringe elements of society were making a mountain out of a molehill. The sooner the vote, the better.

Many in Congress apparently think the Amer- ican people have a very short memory. They honestly believe that a mid-sum- mer vote will be forgotten in time for an early November election. We must not allow this blatant thwarting of the will of the American people to happen. The time for action is now: Every Post has blank copies of the peti- tion, or you can order them directly from National Headquarters. BoxIndianapolis, IN will help defray expenses and spread the word even further.

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