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When Secretary of Virignia Bainbridge Colby affixed his signature to the 19th Amendment on August 26,women across the United States gained full voting rights.

While the right of women to vote had not been specifically enshrined in the U. In Kentucky allowed widows with school-age children to vote in school elections, and Kansas followed in Single women in Wyoming West Virginia to the Wyoming State Historical Society, the territorial legislature had already passed progressive measures guaranteeing women teachers the same pay as men and granting married women property rights apart from their husbands.

The bill passed both houses of the all-male legislature and was signed into law on December 10,by Republican Governor John Campbell.

There was no protest. The new law also allowed women to serve on juries and hold public office.

While Bright and others believed in ideals of gender equality, the Wyoming State Historical Society says there were other factors as well. In a territory where men outnumbered women by a 6-to-1 ratio, some Beautiful couples ready sex Gulfport the publicity from the measure might attract single women to Wyoming to rectify the gender imbalance as well as to help it achieve the population threshold required to apply Single women in Wyoming West Virginia statehood.

Politics also played a role as some Democratic legislators hoped the Wyominh would put the Republican governor in a tough spot. If Campbell, whose party championed African-American voting rights, vetoed the measure, he would look hypocritical.

If it passed, Democrats thought women voters would reward them for introducing the measure. Much to the chagrin of those Democrats, however, Republicans gained seats in the territorial legislature and won the vote for the territorial representative to Congress in the two years after Campbell signed the law.

The Western territories of Washington and Montana passed similar measures in the s. Program for the suffrage march in Washington, D.

Virginiz Colorado approved it inand Idaho did the Single women in Wyoming West Virginia three years later. Congress had disenfranchised women along with outlawing polygamy in Utah inbut women regained the right to vote when the territory became a state in House of Representatives in According to the National Constitution Center, by there were 15 states in which women had full voting rights, and only two of them were east of the Mississippi River.

The dozen states that restricted women from casting ballots in any election were primarily in the South and the East. We strive for accuracy and fairness.

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This Day In History. Virgknia

Map reproduction courtesy of the Norman B. The Mother Who Saved Suffrage: Passing the 19th Amendment.