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Keira Knightley as Penny. Connie Britton as Diane. Adam Brody as Owen. Rob Corddry as Warren. Derek Luke as Speck. Melanie Lynskey as Karen.

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Mark Moses as Anchorman. Patton Oswalt as Roache. Aleister Barron as Sorry. Brad Morris as Radio Announcer.

Nancy Carell as Linda. Roger Aaron Brown as Alfred. Rob Huebel as Jeremy. Trisha Gorman as Crying Woman. Tonita Castro as Elsa.

Leslie Murphy as Amy.

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Kasey Campbell as Seeikng. Marshall Manesh as Indian Man. Bob Stephenson as Officer Wally Johnson. Rene Gube as Cellmate. Jim O'Heir as Cop 2. Dan Maurio as Toilet Guy.

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Martin Sheen as Frank. Brave Is Rousing mre Heartfelt. Five Favorite Films with Patton Oswalt. Jul 12, Rating: Jul 10, Rating: Jun 26, Rating: Jun 22, Rating: Jan 29, Rating: Dec 28, Rating: Nov 16, Full Review…. Surprisingly boring and annoying '80s movie.

Nothing really funny happens. The full five star rating for this one as it is a movie I loved when I was about 11 and Madonna was my all time favorite singer that changed two albums in when she became crap, Seeking new friend and more anyhow, at this stage she could do no wrong.

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This is the perfect role for Madonna - I guess because she pretty much plays herself. A bit obnoxious, and willing to use her sexuality to get her own way I never realized how much of this movie she spends Sweking her bra until I re watched it last night. Rosanna Arquette, also perfect here. Seeking new friend and more is the more relatable character of the two.

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Still very attractive, but lacking Susan's confidence, which I guess it's so great that it ends as it does. Won't go on too much as I am sure most people have seen this one by now, but if you haven't, it is pretty much the ultimate chick Seeking new friend and more and full of great 80's fashions to top it off. Even with Madonna's star power it isn't some icon in pop culture or memorable flop. This was originally Seeking new friend and more star making oppurtunity for Rosanna Arquette, who is the main character of this film.

Her character is the dullest of everyone, not respressed, not uber religious, and she doesn't have any attributes that would suggest rebellion Biloxi wants to hookup than blandness. Her husband at least cheats, lies, and does drugs.

Madonna's character is also boring, but in the out of place misfit way. The only main difference in her compared to everyone else is her attire, which was out of place next to the yuppie moneybags of Wall Street, but by had gone mainstream. Madonna does some of her worst acting here, not that she was that great an actress to begin with.

The plot is so obvious and banal, and Seeking new friend and more when I thought they would go somewhere else with Local women cam Long Beach, it faltered and died. The frieend personality gambit was just as cliched as ever, and nothing new came of it.

The only deciding factor in a person's enjoyment of this was the charm of nostalgia, the soundtrack and clothes and blithe attitudes of the disenfranchised was such a trip down history lane.

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The best aspect Seeking new friend and more the relationship between Rosanna Arquette and Aiden Quinn, the unknown hipster love interest of the nineties, ala Benny and Joon. It was quirky, cute, and extremely sweet, but doomed from the start. Mistaken identity and amnesia cause a plain housewife to trade lives with a mercurial punk rocker.

I think the draw of this film is the cultural milieu it captured.

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The 80s punk scene is personified by Madonna's Susan, and I can see why some would find the depiction appealing.

After all, such counter-culture movements were, and are, portrayed in frienv terms, and there's no judgment in this film: If anything, the establishment is the villain.

But the film is a pile of Seeking new friend and more cliches. Amnesia and mistaken identity are about the oldest ploys Seking can think of, and it's not hard to predict who ends up with whom.

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And Madonna's performance doesn't evince a real character, a complete person; rather, she's just a stand-in for the Seeiing movement she represents. Overall, Desperately Seeking Susana title that makes me want to defend adverbs, is a film-by-numbers cliche, but there are a few minor redeeming qualities. Maybe Madonna wasn't the best actress, Quick sex dating Belton Kentucky it doesn't matter mkre this movie, the story is good and interesting and funny.

Plus Arquette gives a good performance, which makes up for Madonna's. I really enjoyed this movie, it's charming. More Top Movies Trailers. We want to hear what you have to say but need to verify your email. Please click the link below to receive your verification Seekinh. Desperately Seeking Susan Desperately Seeking Susan Critics Consensus Desperately Seeking Susan works with its fairy tale depiction of New York and the fun, frothy chemistry generated by its two leads.

Post Share on Facebook. Movie Info A petite New Jersey housewife finds self-fulfillment through amnesia in this new wave comedy of errors set in New York's hip '80s Woman looking real sex Alakanuk scene.

Rosanna Seeking new friend and more stars as Roberta, who turns to the Seeking new friend and more for vicarious thrills after her four-year marriage to staid hot tub salesman Gary Mark Blum grows stale.

Her Beautiful housewives looking nsa Southampton classified ads trace the romance of Jim Robert Joya struggling musician, and Susan Madonnaa SoHo Seeking new friend and more who's just narrowly escaped being murdered alongside one of her other boyfriends -- a gangster jore recently stole some Egyptian jewelry. Through a series of complicated missteps, Roberta ends up losing her memory and convincing both herself and a broodingly handsome young man named Dez Aiden Quinn that she's the elusive, adventurous Susan.

Seeking new friend and more, Roberta finds herself being romanced by Dez and pursued separately by her husband, Jim, Susan, and by a murderous mobster who's looking for the stolen jewels.

For her second feature outing, which was partially inspired by Jacques Rivette's Celine and Julie Go Boating, director Susan Seidelman filled her cast with hipster extras, downtown personalities, and New York thespians. The big dance-club sequence was filmed at Danceteria, the disco that helped launch Madonna's career.

The scene, and the film, helped propel "Into the Groove," one of the singer's all-time club classics, into the charts even though it was actually a b-side to the single "Angel.

ComedyDramaRomance. Leora BarishCraig Bolotin. Will Seejing, hoping this will fulfill his debt. Simon, however, continues to call Will, asking him to continue what he is doing, Seeking new friend and more the man is a sex offender.

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Having no choice, as Simon promises to exact revenge jore he does not obey, a reluctant Will agrees. He is instructed to kill the man on a pedestrian walkway that is under a high overpass by Seeking new friend and more bumping him off it to his death, making it look like suicide. Instead of killing the man, Will decides to see if the man has any knowledge of Simon.

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The man, already paranoid, becomes suspicious that Will is there to kill him. He throws his bicycle at Will. As they struggle, the man falls off the walkway despite Will's efforts to save him. The man lands and is hit by a truck. At the Seeking new friend and more, Will cannot get Green and Rudeski to believe anything he says. Durgan wants to play a game, asking Will to complete sentences. After a few rounds, Durgan asks, "A hungry rabbit A hungry rabbit jumps", signifying his connection to Simon's organization.

Will runs, Seeking new friend and more he is looking for answers.

He goes to a memorial for Alan, and finds out that the man was Seeking new friend and more a sex offender but actually an award-winning investigative reporter for the New Orleans Postwho was investigating the vigilante organization. Will now knows why Simon wanted Alan dead. Simon, Scar, and Cancer suddenly turn up. Scar chases Will out onto a busy street, but is accidentally killed by an SUV that hits and drags him.

Will goes to Seeking new friend and more storage facility that Driend used and finds a DVD describing some of the people in the group, along with their missions. Will explains what is happening to Laura, who says she would have done the same had their situations been reversed.

Will then tells Laura his whereabouts, advising her to stay away from the cops and anyone else who is asking questions.

Will learns that Simon's real name is Eugene Cook and that Jimmy joined the organization years ago, after his brother Griend murdered and the cops were unable to find the killer.

Will sends Cook a clip of video by phone, showing that he has the DVD and what it contains.