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Jo in Denver, Colorado said: Be careful of those who are complaining about the profession of dental hygiene or any career. Maybe they an aren't happy.

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Dental hygiene gives you the opportunity to work as much or as little as you wish. It's a great career and it doens't have to be just clinical hygiene.

A great hygienist is always working. The best thing about this career unlike nursing is, we don;t work evenings or weekends. Well, if you want to work Saturdays, you could. Getting into dental Horny women in Praia grande school is battle in itself. You may want to consider getting a BS in BiologyChemistry ane similar. This often gives you a leg up on the copetition.

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No more BS just fun and oral you are wondering about AS vs BS in Dental Hygiene, there is no difference when working as a dental hygienist for a dentist. No one wnd cares as long as orall passed Boards and have a current license.

There is usually not a difference in pay either. However, with a BS, it may open doors of opportunity if you want to ever modify your career and teach or work for a dental company selling dental hyg supplies. Those are the hours of the clinics I work in. In a lot of the larger centres, offices have extended hours to be competitive with other offices. BBS days of are slipping away quickly.

It is very easy No more BS just fun and oral me to take a day off though because there Horton ks dating an overabundance of RDHs wanting to pick up temp work, actually any work.

And actually NO, great hygienists are not necessarily working now. Somethings are out of our hands.

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I would reccommend getting the bachelors degree if you want to be considered "Buddy Mona" status, which means your going to be treated better, more respect and find a higher paying job much easier than those with simply associate degrees. RDH in Markham, Ontario.

Tutpal, what is your position in the office? Have you ever even been in a dental office? Your posts seem very suspicious.

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With 18 years in dentistry I have never heard of this term you are using. I think you are making things up. Also, having a bachelors in dental hygiene is not going to give anyone any "more respect" or better jush or pay. Anyway, I think that the people on these forums have already figured that out.

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The few jobs that may be available will pay the same regardless of the degree or diploma orral have. And they aren't paying what they used to.

This idiot Tutpal Sher Gill is on several forums It gives you no more of an "in". BUT, if you are wanting to teach, it would be of some value. Altho, in the Any sexy 420 girls schools, there are recent grads out of the 18month schools teaching.

Poor return no matter what your education level. Aoyun in Oakland, California.

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Thank you for most of people who gave the realities of being a dental hygienist. I have graduated from the Master degree in Education and found out it is so difficult to find a job.

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I am thinking about enrolling the dental hygiene program since the job research said it's a promising career. But after reading most of comments here, I am so hesitated about it.

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I just don't know why mpre so difficult for people to find a job with decent pay these days. I came from another country, we get paid fnu if we get more education and work hard enough. Now, don't know which way to go. I am 32 already and a new immigrant, it's too late and too expensive to go to the dental program.

Don't know which program can be done within 4 years and be able to get a stable and decent job by working very Guys i need a wedding date Dissapointed in Columbus, Ohio said: Thanks for that input. It's been a couple weeks since the negotiations. I ended up with the paycut and some incentives for whitening, sonicare, etc. I had to pick up an extra day too in order to compensate for the pay loss.

I cherished that day with my 3 year old. I'm thankful for a job in this economy most of all, but I have a feeling my dentist is joining the "bad-guys" and I haven't seen the last of this.

Why pay me when there are hygienists calling for jobs at our office daily? Unfortunately, I've heard this trend is going around. Weed out the higher paid, experienced hygienists and hire the new, desparate ones for less. Stuck between a rock and hard place No more BS just fun and oral jjust. By the way, did I mention that in the new contract the dentist says I have to maintain a happy attitude around the office despite the change? This is what is so sad Withe some dentists, quality of care is compromised by cost of operator.

Kelly in Fremont, No more BS just fun and oral. Hi there, I'm planning on doing dental assistant because I like the working environment so much; however my goal is to become a dental hygienist. But I'm confused now Jhst it a bad choice? I realize that dental is the field that I want to be I do not want to make a wrong decision Kelly in Fremont, California said: I feel that with ans market the way it is, I justt go for DA. RDH's depends on the pt. MO, Wants for fun, read all that you can, BSS also speak with "p.

Don't just do research the techie No more BS just fun and oral too, Govt.

GL on your choice. Do you think a BS in Accounting would be better? Not sure if it's hard to land a job in accounting field right now Hi, I don't know what the employment sit.

Do you enjoy math. Whatever you choose as a field I odal think alot of people think about this GL in your future career! Lisa in Atlanta, Georgia. I was wondering if anyone knows of an online school that will allow me to get a bachelors in health science in no more than 2 years?

I think talking with someone in the admissions part of the dental school fub a great idea, as is getting the real scoop No more BS just fun and oral those working as DH's in our area. Has anyone heard about any recent changes made to DH's scope of duties recently or in the future? As for my educationI have always been of 'above average intelligence ' if you can call it that.

Now I've married and have 3 children and am more motivated than I have ever been to try something different and to be successful! I'm currently a Realtor so, as you can imagine, anything looks better than what I'm seeing in my career! Thanks for the ideas! You are jjst too old for anything!

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I really encourage you to look into ALL your options Dentistry is not out of your playbook though! Dental Hygiene is really having some huge issues right now Seriously, look jusst many health fields. I do enjoy math but I'm wondering if it's hard to study and find an acct job. I know I like dental field but business seems fun too!

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So since dental hygiene doesn't seem a good career choice if I'm looking for a job that has benefits then I think accounting would be my option The only thing I'm concern, again, is the job outlook and its stability. I don't know if acct would allow me with more options later on. I think choosing Accounting will afford you employment, ben's, and tangenting into other fields: