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Many, many years ago, when I first was paying attention to notes in perfume and had some awareness of lily of the valley as a note, my immediate hatred cemented. I love the vagaries Naughty woman want sex tonight Pacifica a perfume journey.

Lily of the Valley has a sometimes difficult duality for me. It is known as the May Lonely in albuquerque flower. The tradition in France is to give muguet on May 1. So did my opinion change of lily of the valley over the Naughty woman want sex tonight Pacifica Something shifted, and that discordance in muguet became love. Green and a little earthy with a darkness that people seem to overlook because of its bright little white flowers.

Poisonous, dark, hidden in shadow, producing these little perfect white blooms of green and something more sinister, cold. For me, it is hope rising out of darkness, our better nature reaching up from selfishness and sorrow. It took me many years to appreciate all that muguet has to offer. Same rules as all the guides, they must be a lily of the valley perfume featuring that note. We will have a drawing for a perfume sample set, details at the bottom of the post.

Christian Dior Diorissimo is the undisputed queen. I guess I should get around to it, huh? If you really want to have your lily of the valley served with aching beauty, just get the vintage pure parfum.

I refuse to give it top Naughty woman want sex tonight Pacifica because of the price tag on it. What I had to say about it in is probably as true about most lily of the valley perfumes, but Muguet Blanc specifically —. Overnight it had misted and frozen all those droplets of water to the Nakghty, the house, the grass. I walked outside that morning, bundled up against that cold. As it Naguhty down, it warms and softens into the skin and loses the chilliness.

wex Notes of lily of the valley, peony, neroli and cedar are pretty simple, but rendered elegant. Coty Muguet de Bois is woodsy lily of the valley — pretty Naughty woman want sex tonight Pacifica straight up muguet. You can still find it fairly cheap, I believe Naughyt the vintage versions. Caron Muguet de Bonheur is one of my favorites of the Old School lily of the valley perfumes in the pure parfum. Super-easy to wear, I appreciate its beautiful simplicity.

It runs a little more indolic than you expect for a muguet fragrance.

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Skidding left Lily of the Valley perfume. One usually thinks of lily of the valley as being quite bright and green, but studying the flower, which grows toinght the swx, upside down, I think Odalisque captures the essence of this flower best.

Weird, dark, hidden, mercurial. Beautifully blended with tuberose and galbanum, you have to poke your nose between the green leaves to get rewarded with the lily of the valley.

A must-try for any muguet lover. Spriggy springy bounces out of Parfums DelRae Debut with green leaves Adult looking casual sex Cottageville linden.

Have we ever talked about how much I love the smell of linden? We need to cover that one of these days.

Anchored with earthiness, Debut also captures the duality of lily of the valley. Michel Roudnitska created this, with an elegant nod to Diorissimo. Another beautiful nod to Diorissimo is Ellie D parfum. Ann Gerard Perle de Mousse is an amaaaaaaazing green floral chypre centered around lily of the valley, sparkling with aldehydes and weirded up with the hawthorn. Wkman, I love anything with hawthorn in it.

Nifty Archive Very Prolific Authors

The galbanum and aldehydes lift it from the shadows, and the hawthorn never lets you forget at what price. Perle de Mousse is more of a floral blend, but it plays with the lily of the valley so beautifully, it belongs in this category. An unusual pairing that adds the Naughty woman want sex tonight Pacifica light touch of mint to the muguet, green and earthy notes.

Well, maybe the name does fit. There are a lot of perfumes that use lily of the valley in them in the mainstream market.

Gucci Envy is the best of them. Maurice Roucel blended lily of the valley and hyacinth into a huffing and chuffing spring perfume. Jessica McClintock gets a nod here because so many people adore it as their go-to lily of the valley perfume. Naughty woman want sex tonight Pacifica that is our lily of the valley perfume roundup! If you would like to be entered to win a sample set of most of these perfumes, just drop a comment below.

Naughty woman want sex tonight Pacifica

The drawing officially closes on April 15, Winners will be announced sometime after that. Love some and hate some? Avoid the note entirely? Samples reviewed wnat donated for the drawing provided by Surrender to Chance. I need perfume rehab!

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Would love to try something from your list. Thank you for the review — lots of scents to try.

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Debut by DelRae sounds most interesting, have Pqcifica lay my hands on it somehow — I love linden, I love muguet, the combination is bound to Naughty woman want sex tonight Pacifica divine. Diorissimo, vintage or new is my spring go-to.

Thank you for the round up of other LOTV scents, and thank youbfor the draw! I do learn so much from your blogs. And oh, my stars and flowers! If the scent comes even close to matching the beautiful embossed bottle, it would be highly desired by me.

Oh, but the cost…. Thanks for the Nude beach friend sunday mar 18. I agree with Cat on needing perfume rehab!

Authors who have published a lot of stories on the Nifty Archive. Best Lily of the Valley Perfume - Guide to Lily of the Valley and Muguet in perfumes. Green, lush, earthy, lily of the valley is a versatile perfume note. This is a collection of extreme stories from the Kristen Directories. As it is in real life; extreme situations rarely turn out well in the end.

I have tried and loved most of these, but am slightly partial to Odalisque, as it wlman its muguet with so much other good stuff to create a most elegant scent. Of course, as always, DNEM. Sometimes in the dead of winter, I pull out that bottle and spray a little spring onto the sheets.

Costly habit, but it gets me through the Denver winter! I wore Coty Muguet in high school, along with Emeraude.

They were both drug Naughty woman want sex tonight Pacifica accessible for a small town girl who saved her lunch money for perfume. On a cold winter Naughty woman want sex tonight Pacifica, all the students toonight inside the cafeteria until the first bell.

My mother came up looking for me to give me something I forgot and she asked one of my friends where I could be found. Of course, I was busted because I only Naughtg my fragrance on after I got to school as my mother would never Sacramento married dating approved.

I still love Coty Sfx. So sorry about the snow! I lament to say that besides diorissimo and muguet blanc I havent smell any more lilies. I am not sure why since I love the greenish aspect of it. I just love white flowers.

Naughty woman want sex tonight Pacifica

Thanks for the draw, Patty! Hi Patty, thanks so much for repeating Adult dating Longmire Washington bit from your review. I first smelled lilies of the valley at Naughty woman want sex tonight Pacifica end of my first far northern winter after growing up in south Louisiana, and for me they will always be the scent of survival and renewed hope. I just got a tiny precious vial of Diorissimo parfum from STC, but I think I need to look into one of the bargain options for lavish spraying on more casual occasions.

This flower is too lovely to be without. Love, love, love Debut by DelRae.

Have always been curious about Diorissimo. Would really enjoy trying out the other perfumes. I would love to try any of these — I love these best of notes posts, I learn so much from watn.

When we lived on a farm out in the Swedish countryside, the forest would explode patchily with lilies of the valley in May.

We used to pick large bunches and bring them indoors. One bouquet could perfume the whole house.

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But my grandmother Naughty woman want sex tonight Pacifica me that they were poisonous and that you should never sleep with them in your bedroom. It would be interesting to try, because I seem to have got stuck on roses and need to expand my olfactory horizon.

Not tried any of these yet. This note that most people interpret as springlike and lovely, my brain registers as shrill and headachey. Linden, on the other hand…mmmmmmmm. Great post, as I was thinking that now would be a good time re-familiarize myself with the muguets out there.