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The rock band U2 is at the top of its game, and back on tour.

Anthony Mason will look behind-the-scenes: It's been four years since U2 last toured together. A look at the Irish rock group that Rolling Stone called "the biggest band on Earth".

Loved hearing you say that, Anthony! We're going to get on just great!

I mean, did you feel yourself competing against the Stones while you were touring? They've left the huge outdoor stadiums and moved indoors, playing smaller arenas.

But they're still travelling with 24 semi trucks full of gear. It's the circus come to town. Mason caught up with the band on the road, first in Vancouver, where U2 spent a month rehearsing.

Dtill U2 tour is a blend of both high and low tech.

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The Edge uses antique amps: It's exactly the same as it was in the '50s. And that is, for whatever reason when you plug in an electric guitar to one of these, it's just the way yoi should sound.

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But then there's the mammoth LED screen suspended above the still floor: During their concerts the band will climb into what feels like a giant cage: But If you re still looking opening night in Vancouver the tour almost ended, when The Edge went over the edge, falling off the stage. Share Tweet Reddit Flipboard Email.

McCabe is "lucky" he hasn't been prosecuted. McCabe "shocked" by "incredibly lenient" Manafort sentence.

John Kennedy on "Face the Nation". Andrew McCabe on "Face the Nation".