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I Ready Dick I am real and want to spend time with you

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I am real and want to spend time with you

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I'm very open minded so I honestly don't care for looks as long as you have a great personality. Mainly waiting for jo and oral but i am a top if it comes to it.

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Last year got waaaaay too busy, as I decided I could do real estate geal time" and still be retired. What was I I am real and want to spend time with you.

After 4 iwth I found out I had made my very last foray into the world of any work whatsoever. I don't track my time. I do whatever creative things i want to on any given day. Today I am finishing up watching a yo about bees and honey industry, I am cooking tie 2 days of vegan meals, I'm crafting a Horny girls in Liechtenstein ny family cookbook I want to make for myself, and I am finishing a book I started a couple of days ago.

Ken goes to a discussion group tonight and I will pull out the next episode of my Masterclass with James Patterson. Exercise and cooking will be in there but I'll wait and see. I've had I am real and want to spend time with you cold and been housebound for days, feel like tomorrow I can take a walk around the neighborhood. I really will have to chedk out master class, it's just ans I have so much stuff on the great courses plus already and craftsy unlimited that I know I'll never even get to, if ya know what I mean.

Yes, I agree, time to myself. Heaven's everyone likes a nice home but you must live first to make a warm home to come home to! I am in constant motion.

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Lists of to do's and have to's. Running mph and not enjoying it all. It is swirling all around me so the idea of just being and having the luxury of having to make a plan for my days sounds just damn glorious. I can't wait, I'm a bit jealous.

Yep, I will never be that cleaned more gal. Some people do want regmen, some dont. Now my main goal is time to myself, as long as I get that other stuff.

And let me tell, kissing that alarm good bye for life is an experience by itslef.

So wishing we still had Amtrak. What a great way to get around. I spend about 5 hours on Tuesdays volunteering at the animal shelter, but I miss volunteering at a literacy place.

7 Ways to Spend More Quality Time With Your Partner - Real Simple

But then I think about getting too scheduled, and I don't like that idea. I guess I'm still searching for the perfect blend of volunteering and free time. It's a tough balance. I have two issues that I feel frightening passionate about, so it's not the what for, its the how does it fit in my lifestyle.

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I do plan on making beds, though, lots of doggie beds. I am Fuck buddies Wellington Utah list person, but really when I think about it while my house is clean I don't spend a great deal of time cleaning it.

Mornings are spent taking my walk and then cleaning. Afternoons and evenings are spent doing whatever I want for the most part. I will never say my home is spotless because there is usually a pile of books and yarn by my favorite chair, and the small table usually hold all manner of items from straight pins, to sewing needles, to yarn needles.

Before I retired, I could never fathom out why so many people who had would let slip that I am real and want to spend time with you phrase: And what's really funny is I only worked about eight years in total in my marriage-but that may be why I can find so much stuff to do now!

This is totally off your point but I wondered if you had ever written about being a widow? My husband is terminally ill and I'm lost.

Sherry, I have not written much, I am real and want to spend time with you I am about to include a series, starting wth when I found my husband was terminally ill those of us who have or have had ill spouses tend to have very different experiences from those who lose family to a heart attack or accident.

Most of the spennd articles I did write were on how not to treat the surviving spouse or things not to say to the other part, but it's now ten years Successful attractive and single I feel I can give a better perspective. I enjoy reading your blog even though I don't comment much. I just have to comment on Sherry's request.

Sherry, after he is gone, go to a Griefshare group. Check it out at Griefshare. Friends of mine have gone and really appreciate it.

Blessings on you and also, for Barb. I enjoy your free spirit. You are engaged in a variety of activities which fill your life and as you have found, those activities tend to change timme time.

You touch a variety of topics with your interests What a full life you have.

Thanks for stopping by to comment. I love to hear from others, love to hear all points of view, and all comments are welcome.

Just leave the profanity and insults at home, OK?

Most bloggers and readers agree-one of the advantages of of being retired is spending your days the way you want, doing what you want. Sometimes we actually do that.

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But honestly, sometimes perhaps more often than we admitwe don't. I and other bloggersspend a fair amount of time talking about being frugal and wise in handling our retirement income.

But I wonder if should be considering how we handle our time and our possessions through the same microscope. Some time back, I read this article by a frugal blogger I follow. While her perspective on being frugal with time has more to do with a different set of goals, in general I feel like her principle applies to most of us.

Even those of us in retirement sppend may not feel the need to be "constructive"".

Family Time: Why Spending Time with Family is Important | Aha!NOW

In fact, I have written more than once on the "time vs money" conundrum post versus pre-retirement. But that doesn't mean that I don't think my our time has as much value as our money. No matter how we do or don't in some cases spend it.

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And not spending our time can, in my experience, be as valuable as not spending your money. As most readers know by now, in the fall I pulled back from a variety of social and volunteer obligations-even though I already had a fairly slow life.

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This was not done easily, especially as I consider volunteering and helping others an essential part of retirement. However, I was not sure that the way I was spending my time was necessarily helping me-or others. Wjth classes, socialization, craft groups, helping the homeless, advocating for refugees and undocumented immigrants and more. All those things had value. But I needed to step back and figure I am real and want to spend time with you how to use that time better.

Not better exactly, but in ways that meant more to me. One of the ways I stepped back was on the Internet and social media.

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Which means for the month of December I did almost nothing including on my own Richly Retired pages rarely commented on yuo, even retirement blogs. I' ll slowly be stepping back into this, but more slowly and with more thought as I go.

Doing for the sake of doing, and going for the sake of going had never been my thing, but it felt like sometimes that was what I was doing. And I'm not a person who is afraid of down time or being alone. So it was time to step back. Since then, I have volunteered for a few hours one day a week. I relieve a case worker at a homeless shelter who works alone at the ylu eight hours a day so that she can take an hour yoga class with the residents. I felt strongly that I was helping both her and the residents and I needed to continue.

Tie also knit one day a week. My goal now is to decide what's important in terms of investing my time, as well as what is necessary and how to fit them into my life. For example, keeping up a house is important. Having a spotless, perfectly up to date house is not important.

Spending Time Quotes - BrainyQuote

And the time I spend on the house reflects that I know of at least one blogger who is proud to wanr she spends three hours a day just on the cleaning portion of her home. I spend less than a third of that time, and yea, that reflects my values. When it comes to my house, my time Sex chat in Davenport Iowa best spend doing things while doing other things cleaning the kitchen while cooking and mainly not worrying too much about the rest.

Soyes, there are things that must be done-cooking, basic cleaning, running errands y'all already know how much I hate running errands and exercising. Yes, I know many of you love exercising. I try to do these as efficiently and as I am real and want to spend time with you as possible, so that I have time for the other stuff.

And for me, the other stuff is not only doing.

ti,e Being, just being is very important, as I have shared here more than once. And has value-at least for me. Before I started writing this missive, I spent a full hour sitting, just sitting by my window and thinking and journaling and occasionally talking to my son or the dog.

Maybe more than an hour. Creating is also important to me be it writing, quilting, drawing or whatever-and I need empty space to do that. Socializing is important to me-but eith limited amounts. Which is why other than my weekly knitting and occasional happy hour following group, I've not added anything to my life so far.