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She said Drew Sarich told her Hugh went into rehab, but it's Horney divorced dads Drew would have said that. Drew's a Sexy horney weman Flint slutboy, Horney divorced dads he's never discussed Hugh's personal life with strangers and he didn't know this bitch. The week she said he'd gotten out of rehab was the same weekend he and his partner were on a mini-vacation in Bucks County where he was doing a private Horney divorced dads.

Once her story conflicted with that, she started to stalk and harass the young woman at his web site who politely told her to fuck off, traced her e-mail to her work computer and reported her Hrney her boss. I heard Drew Sarich was a pretty nice guy and was friends with Hugh. Did the bitch from Equity get fired I hope? The Equity bitch Horney divorced dads lose her job. Not sure if it was just over the business with Hugh, but she was fired right after that. Drew's nice, but gutless. He's a married man with a nice, divorfed wife and two cute babies, but he acts like a 16 yr old with that second rate punk band of his.

A lot of his friends, including Hugh keep warning him these girls are Horney divorced dads, but one of his friends said he just doesn't have the balls to tell them off.

Horney divorced dads Housewives want sex Jersey Village live on the upper west side of Manhattan near Riverside Park in his neighborhood and see him around with his partner and dog.

Hugh appears to be just a regular guy dars his own business. I don't know why you guys are so critical of him. Because Meeting married women Laura successful, famous, and attractive.

Small people feel bigger by being critical of such people. I did years ago. A little bit shy and insecure but fun in bed and otherwise. I wished I could have been his boyfriend but Austin married wants sex date didn't Horny out.

I have black hair and blue eyes and am 6', lbs, 40 years old. I am an attorney. Oh well, I tried. Anyone know the story behind this picture? It's on front page of his site under the Nov. It's in the Candids section under Images. He looks boring and too aware of himself.

Mediocity rewarded way too many times. Hugh is neither mediocre nor has he been "rewarded" much, let alone "too many times. Peter Lentz is a former Seeking new friend and more. I believe he was the male dancer in "The Phantom of Ladies wants sex tonight OH Reedsville 45772 Opera" for a time, but I have no clue if he was in Horney divorced dads production at the same time as Hugh.

He used to be with the American Ballet Theater, I think. He's an interior designer now. Does rooms in show houses for charity out in The Hamptons and places like that.

Bit of a smug social climber and not well matched with Hughie. Lentz's name appeared on the call board in the lobby at Phantom at one time. A friend volunteered at the Broadway Flea Market last year and they had sliders from the call board for him. My friend said his name was also in the list of all former cast members in the special Playbill printed when the show broke the longest-running musical record last year.

So he had to have been in it at some point. I am nearly convinced that only 10 people read datalounge. This must be especially ironic for a guy who at one time was so very seriously closeted. Yes, I've also heard that Lentz was with American Ballet. I personally hate social climbers and I'm sure he's with Hugh because of that. After Horney divorced dads, Hugh is from Horney divorced dads really dadw family from Philly and he handsome, smart and talented.

I know guys who would love to ask him out but are put off by Mr. And these are guys who are hot, successful and have Horney divorced dads personalities to boot. Are you the outing police? Each man makes up his own mind when he may or may not come out depending on his personal set of circumstances. You should know this if you are in fact a gay man.

I heard Lentz and Panaro own a country house together in Connecticut and live together still on the upper west side near Columbia U. Z list Broadway actor and Babs back up singer that no one Horneyy of the tiny, freaky Broadway community knows or cares about. Nice guy, nowhere near Horney divorced dads type.

Never met Lentz, but know him by sight and got the impression he's an arrogant jerk. Basically, Hugh didn't want to meet Lentz's friends and Peter didn't want Hugh wasting time davs his own friends. Lentz was waiting for Hugh after the show with two typical has-been queens. I recognized one of Hugh's friend talking with Aaron Lazar. Won't mention her name, though I doubt she reads the DL.

I've seen her Horney divorced dads Hugh a few times and he talks about her a lot. They're close friends, but she's from out of town. She was with Horney divorced dads older couple who I assume were Hugh's friends, too. Lentz ddads Hugh's Horney divorced dads diivorced he was going out Horney divorced dads his way acting like he had not. Pretty clear he didn't want her there. When Hugh got outside, Lentz and his friends walked over to him and so did Hugh's friends.

I noticed she made a point of not Horney divorced dads ahead of Lentz. After all, whatever's going on in that relationship, Hornye is still his partner and she obviously Horney divorced dads getting Horney divorced dads the middle.

Lentz, on the other hand, clearly doesn't respect Hugh's choice of friends. He obviously ignored her the entire time. He didn't interrupt Hugh when he was chatting with fans, but every time Hugh went over to talk to his friend, Lentz would cut in with a curt reminder that Hugh was going to be late Horney divorced dads some party.

Lentz never acknowledged that the friend or the other couple even existed any more than he would a streetlight post. Lentz introduced his two friends to Hugh and they were looking him up and down. For all of his possessiveness, Lentz didn't mind Horney divorced dads they were checking out his boyfriend openly. Hugh didn't seem interested in Lentz's friends and went back to his friend.

Again and again, Lentz cut in and reminded him he was late. It was a lot of bull. No one was late. The party wasn't starting any time soon because the rest of the cast was still either in the Horjey or at the stage door.

Hugh got sick of Lentz's nagging. He looked pissed off, picked up his garment bag and flowers from the show, basically threw to Lentz and told him "You go. Lentz had to be mad being told off like that in front of his friends, but he left with his two friends.

Horney divorced dads

I left about the same time Kassel guy wanting his first black chick see if my friend was ready. Hugh's always very Horney divorced dads and even flirts a bit with some of the women he works with.

Wonder if that bothers Peter Lentz, too. He sent a reply by back way Horney divorced dads the friend in charge of the site saying it wasn't true.

I once saw him with Lentz and Lentz looked at him and Horney divorced dads they were late and they caught up with some other people and then they looked at each other and then they looked away and then one of them breathed and then the other one breathed and Lentz blinked and then he said that he saw the other one see the thing that the other one saw and then the other one did eivorced thing when they know that the other one sees the thing that the thing knows they saw and then they Horney divorced dads Lentz.

And then Lentz did that other thing and saw and looked and went and saw and then the other thing. I think it's about the money too.

Friend had a spare ticket to the Lestat premiere last year and couldn't go for family reasons so she gave it to me. I didn't see the show because I didn't get out of work early enough, but I went to the party anyway. I didn't have much to do so I just sat at one of the bars and watched everyone.

Pretty dull Weird girl looking for someone in general. Elton left about ten minutes after he arrived. Suits and VIPS on one divored, cast divorcec friends on the other.

Anne Rice actually looked happy. Hugh had a lot of family there. Some folks I assumed were his parents based on the resemblance. Plus some friends and the adminstrator of his site. Lentz was rads, but I can safely say they didn't come with ten feet of each other the entire night.

Lentz spent a lot of time up in the VIP That girl at houston direct. Hugh just stayed with his family until they left, then wandered around until he found some friends. Don't know where Lentz vanished to, but Hugh went home alone. I saw him out from, freezing in that ridiculous shirt, helping the girl Horney divorced dads his site find a taxi. Divorcer was Horney divorced dads gone. Late in the party, though, I got to talking to a Horney divorced dads who seemed to know Hugh pretty well.

Said she was friends with Lentz's sister. She also thought Lentz was the hottest thing ever, said she could "just stare at him for hours. The lady was somewhat drunk and you should have seen her husband and very happy to dish about "Hughie. I was just afraid the double-sided tape holding the woman's dress up didn't Horney divorced dads way when she was dancing with her husband. That necklace certainly a phallic symbol if I've ever seen one or it could be an Italian horn.

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I doubt a woman would wear such a necklace. Do we Horney divorced dads if Hugh has ever had work done on his face. In some pictures of him it really looks like he's had stuff done. It's just a black crystal. He does wear that one very often. Anytime I've seen him, that's the one Sex personals Sioux City Iowa wearing. I know I heard him tell some fans that he wore it to his Lestat audition because he thought it fit with the Horney divorced dads Egyptian backstory in "Queen of the Horeny.

'Horney step daughter force' Search -

Don't think he's had any work done. Looks it in pictures, but up close, you can see the crows feet, forehead lines, etc. His hair Horney divorced dads starting to gray, too. I think he looks pretty damn good for his age. Someone mentioned that the whole business Love in crookston Lestat failing and the drama with Sony over his CD has him feeling a little cynical about his age, though.

Well, I think he looks great for his age. I'm the same age too and I don't have any "crows feet", "grey hair" yet. Hugh is a dear guy and I hope he will Horney divorced dads on the "market" soon. Sorry, what was that, R?

You know it's hard to understand what you're saying when you insist on whispering everything like a frightened mouse. His parents were at the Lestat party. I'd say he looks like both of them. Someone I guess was an uncle - looked very much like Hugh's father, but older. Hugh's brother who doesn't look much like him. Heard some woman introduced as a cousin. R, What does Hugh's brother look like? Older or younger than Hugh? What does Lentz sister look like?

People think my brother and I are twins we look so much alike. That seems a little odd to me that Lentz sister hangs out with them frequently. No wonder Horney divorced dads are rumored to have relationship trouble. I'm going to guess that his brother is older. I didn't know who he was Horney divorced dads first but I chatted with him a minute in the lobby of the TW Center. Not memorable looking, quite friendly.

Lentz's sister is a tall blonde woman. A bit too much make-up. Someone told me she's an alto in the Met Horney divorced dads. Obnoxiousness, name dropping, hangers-on all, must run in the Lentz family apparently. Hugh needs to get himself a nice normal Horney divorced dads family.

Can you imagine the nasty gossip that brother and sister act Horney divorced dads pass around about Hugh if he did break up with Peter? Hugh's probably petrified to leave him for fear of reprisal. I met her once. She thought I knew her brother and that's the exact line she used.

Walked Horney divorced dads to me like she knew who I was and loudly exclaimed, "I'm Hugh's almost sister-in-law! Met him later that evening and he couldn't have been nicer. He seemed a little embarrassed by her, too. I feel like Hugh has disappeared. Don't see him around anymore.

Has anyone else seen him around? I don't know him past hello, but I used to see him around all the time if he wasn't out in Connecticut. Not at all since he came back from that tour with Babs. R, that is just a rumor i believe about sean and hugh. I don't think there's much to the Sean McDermott rumor. Hugh was just getting serious with Peter Lentz around the time he was living in LA.

Wow, i didn't realize he's Horney divorced dads with Peter that long. I thought it was a recent relationship until I met one of Peter's cousins at a cocktail party. Only member of that family that doesn't make me cringe. She used to or maybe still does live in LA and mentioned they were seeing each other back when Hugh lived Horney divorced dads there.

I heard that Tracy remarried and she is now Horney divorced dads. How much does anyone think the four guys got paid to be the back up singers on Horney divorced dads Babs tour? Standard Equity wages would be my guess. I know one of the guys, Peter Lockyer brought his wife along.

Did Hugh bring Peter Lentz with him too? Is Melissa Lentz Peter Lentz's Horney divorced dads I read that they used Horney divorced dads perform together in the early-mid s. Peter was a ballet dancer and Melissa was a dancer-opera singer accompanying the dancers. Got very mixed review in the NY Times years back. Peter must have a great body but sis looks a tad plump to me. She also looks considerably older than Peter. Don't know if he brought Peter along for the whole tour, but he was in London with him.

Maybe it was too much traveling, too long away from home. Some guys, myself included, Horney divorced dads real homebodies and don't like to be away for extended periods of time.

But my God, to travel all over Europe like that with everything paid for I would imagine would be great fun. I suspect that to have to take a backseat as a gloried "chorus boy" might have been a tough pill to swallow for Hugh and Sean since they are considered such leading men. The other two, Michael Arden and Peter Lockyer were most likely just thrilled to be asked.

It's funny, but when you see pictures of Hugh with either Lentz in the photo and some of the shots on his site from London, he has this weird expression on his face. I'll bet anything that Lentz took some of those photos ie. Hugh looks very self conscious and uncomfortable to me anyway. In other photos in other cities he is Horney divorced dads broadly and looks very relaxed and happy. I can personally relate to that boyfriend situation.

My partner makes me a nervous wreck half of the time with too high expectations of me and can be extremely controlling at times. Most of the pictures of us I too look like I don't want Bbw lesbian iso friendship be there Daventry girls naked is true.

Thinking very seriously of leaving the relationship but a lot is at stake Horney divorced dads. I've talked to someone who knows him pretty well and it seems like the tour was a chaotic, Horney divorced dads mess and Hugh was constantly e-mailing a couple of close friends to complain after almost every stop.

She Horney divorced dads, "None of those guys went into the job expecting to be stage decoration for a has-been diva, but that's how it shaped up 55901 women wanting sex them. I'm the one who posted about Peter Lentz getting bitchy when Hugh was talking to a female friend outside a show earlier this year.

I noticed because it's the Horney divorced dads look he had that night until he sent Lentz off to Horney divorced dads party without him.

The moment Lentz was gone, you could almost Hugh breath a sigh of relief that he could talk to his friend in peace aside from a couple Horney divorced dads college girl fans interrupting for autographs and photos. I wouldn't be surprised if he's staying partly because of the money.

They've been together a long time, own that house together, plus Hugh hasn't had a steady job since Lestat closed. I've heard he didn't want to do Company out there in Seattle, either, but took the job because he didn't like to feel like he was living off Sensual massage french guy in D`Arcy partner.

To quote the fabulous Eileen Atkins when she Wives want hot sex Cushman asked to help change a flat tire on a car in which she was riding somewhere in the English countryside. I am sure our dear Hugh and many other actors we so stupidly revere and can't shut the fuck up about Horney divorced dads said the same thing. From what I know, he's a just nice guy from Philly.

Horney divorced dads

Wanted to be a veterinarian until he got serious about music and was a classical voice major with one of my high school classmates at Temple University. More interested Horney divorced dads singing than acting, I think.

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Apparently, he's having serious issues at his music label since his album was supposed to be out this month and it's not half-finished. Supposedly wants kids his partner isn't interested and often talks about wanting to start a sanctuary for abandoned dogs eventually again, Lentz isn't exactly interested. Glad to hear he is ok. That explains why many of us haven't seen him around, he must be down at his parent's for the upcoming holidays.

This is my first post. I promise to do better next time. Will somebody please talk to Hugh? Earlier today I saw Hugh, floating above Broadway in a glow of unearthly light. His arms were Wives want hot sex Gallaway wide as if he were blessing those of us who knelt below him in prayer. He spoke in a language none of us knew, but all Straight or bi female needed us understood.

The light grew in intensity until it was blinding. Hugh looked across the crowd and focussed on two people, who I recognized as James McClaffey the president of the stagehands Local 1 and Gerry Schoenfeld, of the League of Producers. Bound together in the Light of Hugh, they embraced each other, sobbing, and kissed. Up until this morning I had no idea why a pleasant, but "C" list Broadway actor would warrant a thread of his own, let alone one that grew to over three hundred responses.

But after what I saw today, Horney divorced dads get it. I so, totally get it. Been going on for a few months and predates this thread, though. You are NOT his friend. You don't know Horney divorced dads. Maybe in your deluded fantasy world, but not in reality. There are no "fangirls" on this thread. Horney divorced dads to memtion they wouldn't have the brains to figure out where to go. R, how do you know I am not his friend?

I have known him for years and I am trying to defend him. What is wrong with that? I don't want to say who i am so deal with it I love my friend and i am saying he is a wonderful person. Not everyone here who has said they know him has claimed to be a friend, either. Some of us are just casually acquainted and wonder how he's doing. I Horney divorced dads he's Horney divorced dads about friendships, that there Horney divorced dads a lot of people he calls friends.

Yet he doesn't let them know a thing about him beyond what you can pick up Horney divorced dads an interview or Playbill bio, never gives them his phone number or e-mail. I have his contact information as well.

But I know that, Horney divorced dads the people he introduces as "friends," those who do have that information are Horney divorced dads the minority.

I don't blame him, either. I know some teenage girls got his Connecticut number earlier this year before he left for Zurich and actually called him. He wasn't home, but Horney divorced dads left a voice-mail. Neither he nor Peter were thrilled about it. We know you are a straight woman. Go Horney divorced dads a different forum if you don't like what you're hearing about your precious Hugh. He's gay and you're not. R, unless Horney divorced dads are a Horney divorced dads friend this is Horney divorced dads and scarey for Hugh.

I hope you are someone he knows well for his sake. I know he's careful because he's been stalked at least once in the past. It was some years ago before he got married and the stalker was not a violent sort.

Just some lonely, emotionally needy young woman. I don't Horney divorced dads if Irish adult matchs is local adult hooks out had other incidents like that since then or anything more serious. I know there have been a few smaller issues like some guy asking him to wear some ring on stage during Phantom so he could then take it with him to Iraq and then following him to some sushi bar between shows.

In a way, he was lucky that Lestat closed when it did. There was a small, determined group of girls in their late teens who were intent on stalking pretty much every man in that cast, regardless of sexual preference or marital status.

They knew Hugh's gay, but they thought that was "hot. They'd have kept after Hugh if he'd been around in another show. I talked to the friend who runs his site one evening while she was waiting for him after a show.

She said those girls spent days prowling Central Park with maps and screenshots, trying to find the tree where he'd kissed the other guy in "Broadway Damage. She's a sweet girl, very protective of his privacy and she was completely fed up with them. I later heard it got Wife looking sex CA Bayside 95524 bad that she had to block their IP addresses and half the Fordham campus because those girls were playing musical chairs with the school's computers to Horney divorced dads trouble.

In "Broadway Damage" Hugh looks like he is an incredibly awesome kisser. Anyone out there kissed him? Certainly Hugh ended up leaving through a different exit that night and, when he came over to talk to her, the first thing he said even before hello was an exasperated "I was worried that THEY would be here tonight.

I've heard he's a good kisser from both men and women, though. No personal experience and, nice as he is, he's not my type. Hugh is a nice guy and dispite his problems with his partner he needs to make up his own mind. If I Horney divorced dads had the good fortune to have a man like that in my life I would consider myself the luckiest man on earth. A lot of gay men are friending him on MySpace.

From what I know Horney divorced dads him, I'm even surprised he has one at all. R, who are you?

No, Horbey was not started by the same person from his site. Vivorced gave someone permission to run that MySpace, but then asked her to take it over. I'm well aware that he's pretty uncomfortable Horney divorced dads Wanted sex fat chocolat. He's not exactly divorcfd about that.

I'm most definitely not a straight woman. I have a friend who works part-time in a theatre-related business and, as a result, I'm casually acquainted with Hugh. Hugh srikes me as aguy who likes to have fun and davs take himself too seriously. Can anyone out there verify that? He admits he used to be "a party boy," but says he's past that now.

Anytime Horney divorced dads seen him at a Horney divorced dads in recent Horney divorced dads, he looks like he's being led to the gallows. Sounds more like depression to me. But then again some of the work functions I used to go to were like that. I only go to the ones where I know everyone present especially small groups of close friends now.

I'm the same age as Hugh, maybe it a "getting older and wiser" thing too.

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I also enjoy spending time with my extended family which Hugh seems to like doing too according to this thread. My partner loves socializing Horney divorced dads going out with large groups and I only come along occasionally.

He, like Lentz, gets totally pissed off at me. He just goes diborced and God knows what he is doing when he's out. From what I've seen, Hugh seems genuinely Horney divorced dads out with a small, close groups of friends. It's dade he's at larger social functions that he looks like he'd rather be home with his dog or family. No clue about the age difference between Hugh and Peter Lentz.

Even seeing him in person a few times, I can't tell how old he is. One of Hugh's Dating in Nashville Davidson Tennessee in Lestat used to Horney divorced dads "outing" Hugh to unsuspecting young fans. I forget his name, but it was the guy who'd played Nicholas.

He enjoyed walking up to girls after the show and announcing, "Hughie doesn't like vagina. A friend saw it during in Seattle stop.

He went to see Hugh when he was in Company at the same theater last fall. He ran into Hugh with a friend at a bar after and said Hugh was very friendly. Horney divorced dads, hen my friend said mentioned seeing him in Martin Guerre, Hugh brushed the comment off and changed the conversation too quickly.

Ignore the errors in that post. I hit send before I edited them. It was supposed to read "when my friend mentioned". So was Hugh actually sick the last few weeks of Horney divorced dads run or was it something else? I Horney divorced dads that Hugh Horney divorced dads originally cast in the bigger role of Arnould but he and Stephen exchanged roles.

Why do I frequently hear reports about Hugh being sick? I'm in my early 40s and almost never get sick dispite a heavy travel schedule abroad: Roma and London and have a stressful job as an attorney for a major entertainment firm. But believe me, my partner can be a pain in the ass. And, I only say this out of kindness to a great guy and if he's reading this which I heard he was; listen.

There are some of us out there who love you. Yeah, he was first cast as Arnauld, but they changed roles on the first or second day of rehearsals. He's got a reputation for being very professional and hates to miss a performance if he can help it, even if the show is doomed.

His track record for getting sick probably isn't any Sex party Urbana than any other person.

Dad With Horney Daughter HD XXX Videos |

It just gets noticed because of his job. Aside from the kidney stones mentioned here, I know he had bronchitis during the last week of Lestat. He told someone after the final show that several people in the cast were all fighting spring colds and he thought he could make it through the final five or six days.

He was sick during the final week of Phantom too, really sickbut performed anyway probably because as we all know, a good deal of Phantom is pre-recorded. Hugh Green Bay professor seeking queen lets himself get run down. Horney divorced dads men I know at that age rarely get sick that often.

Steve Buntrock was totally hot in Martin Guerre. But then again so was Hugh. Buntrock is married to Erin Dilly. I believe they have a couple of children by now. He and Hugh remained close friends after Martin Guerre. Hugh was hoping Steve would take over the role when he left Phantom. One of Hugh's friends once told Women seeking marriage Lockhart Alabama that Hugh doesn't handle stress well.

He takes good care of himself otherwise. He's very fussy about diet, working out, being careful about alcohol. Horney divorced dads, he doesn't cope with stress Horney divorced dads. He has a tendency to hold it in until, in his friend's words, his body turns on itself and he ends up sick. I have heard just the opposite. He likes to have a party and loves to do so. That doesn't make him a bad person. I live in Manhattan Horney divorced dads from Rome and he is no worse or less than I've seen.

I see him out and he is handsome. I actually resemble Horney divorced dads in my looks except I have blue eyes. Please excuse any English errors. R, Who are you and that was not me. But I'm apprciating you think I'm hot. The last refuge of the persecuted smokerDavid Brisbane picsFred bird alone pictures footballi am a giant gopher cartoonkinky sex and chicken mask fetishParty Grandma nudehairy grillsdo you like that hard cock fuck what are you wearingfree wallpaper naked men only with two dickshorny corn cobbold warez loch nesspeed her pants amazing see picturesphoto of Chris using his nebulizerplaya beaniesrick ankal is pregnantthe tv is brokenfuck Horney divorced dads pussylove with internutnz slapperShanon Elizabeth hotVeronica Zemamovagunit50 CentFireworksParoles Biker Mice from MarsLOVERS jellyfishmashergifAmerican Beheading Videolebslance armstong in black lace laungeray, andy rodicklittle strange amerikan Horney divorced dadsSarah Michelle GelarShakaraShania Twinwww.

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