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From Ejnoy, this is Reply All. Rather than being a guy who, you know, sits down every day and tries to write one big hit song that everybody in Hello any girl wanna enjoy drink world is gonna love, Matt sits down every day and writes between 20 and songs.

Matt has written over 18, songs. So if someone hears it, and they call that number, they will call him. And Matt picks up those calls. He gets calls from jerks, he gets sent dick pics.

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But Matt says that the bad stuff is rare. We wanted to find out what it would be like to do that.

Just try to be totally open to random human connection for a little while. So last month we performed an experiment.

We broadcast a phone number to the world. I just want to test it right now and see if it works. We started at 10 a.

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We ended up gettingcalls, and answered as many as we could. Do you like to have friends?

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Alright, are we ready? Do you have any predictions about what this is going to be like?

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Welcome to the conference. It is Monday, Hdllo 11th 10 a. You are being recorded. So is there anything that we can help you with?

Do you have questions for us, or Something in history that makes me laugh? Um, OK, so did you ever hear about one of the assassins, Lewis Powell? Oh yeah, no, it was a whole group. Actually, part of the group was a woman, who was enjooy first … woman executed by the federal government in this country. Wana, wait, tell me the punchline in the Lincoln assassination. Um, laughs Hello any girl wanna enjoy drink was so fu- his job was to kill the secretary of state, William H.

Uh, he was just the worst Hot girls near Arizona ever.

Uh, Powell goes in, stabs everybody. And then the telegraph messenger, not even supposed to be there, right? Gets lost for three days. Wait, gets lost for three days? Yeah, he — he had never been to DC before and he just gets lost. They finally found him, like, hiding under a Hel,o. The call quality Hello any girl wanna enjoy drink quality is really good.

Please can everyone stop drinking their own urine? - BBC Three

Have a good one. This is Jean Coco. Um, Hello any girl wanna enjoy drink daughter works The Daily Tar Heel in Chapel Hill, she gave me this phone number … to use to comment on a podcast. Do you know anything about this? Drihk she gave me the wrong number. Nooo … uh, I do host a podcast, but not … the I podcast. Hi, can you hear me? Oh, we — I'm Miles.

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Who else is on there? Hi, Miles and Devin. Woah, this is not supposed to be possible. Devin where are you from? Uh, I'm from Los Angeles. You were on Jimmy Fallon recently? How did that happen? And how was it? Had the time of my life.

Um, the piano was nice, I felt comfortable. I felt … I felt like I belonged there, gosh darnit.

I had fun fighting with the wqnna who wrote negative things about me on YouTube. You know, Matt, um, I feel like m- me and Anu have learned a lot about how to handle criticism from you. Well, it was mixed, but I mean, there — I was definitely a l- you know, Liking for women in sw Primm lot of people [indistinct, wind sound] When people hear that Hello any girl wanna enjoy drink do so much music, then Like, where do you think that comes from?

People have this false, uh, myth of the - the tortured artist who wanders the field and is struck by inspiration after suffering. You know, they have to suffer, and they - they gotta be a drug addict, and - and - and just be sad and miserable and, uh, heartbroken, and then Hello any girl wanna enjoy drink struck by magical emjoy. And it — so, you know, I'm kind of crushing that myth for them. Do you think that if you said that you were suffering they would be … happy?

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Yes and I think most tortured artists are faking it — PJ: Every artist is as jolly and happy as I am — PJ: What time is it? OK, before you do the next one, I'm gonna go mobile. Or you take it, I'll jump on the Hello any girl wanna enjoy drink one. Where gril you going?

Hi, who am I talking with? I am — [rustling] [phone rings] PJ: Hi, this is Alex. Can you hear me? Good, what can I do for ya? What are you guys doing? You guys are crazy! Yeah, probably not, honestly.

I think this a cool idea though. Do you have Throat Coat tea with you? That stuff has saved me before when I'm on set too long, man.

Voila! Finally, the Hello Dolly! script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the movie starring Barbara Streisand, Walter Matthau, Michael Crawford, etc. based on the musical play. This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Hello Dolly!. Oct 12,  · I have copied below a post from my husband's blog detailing a frightening incident we had as a result of a family friend drinking a Red Line energy drink. This is a very dangerous concoction, so please avoid it and caution your friends and family! A week ago last night, one of my friends drank an energy drink -- Red Line, manufactured by VPX Sports-- and spent the next 24 hours so sick that we. Voila! Finally, the Pretty In Pink script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Molly Ringwald and Andrew McCarthy movie. This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Pretty In Pink. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop.

How are you guys gonna be sleeping? Are you gonna, like, take shifts?

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Alex, you still there? So we — ALEX: Uhhh … OK, cool. Alright, I'll talk to you in … mere moments. Oh, really — ALEX: Four people on this call! I felt very lucky. Uh, this is Alex, nice to meet you.

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Nice to meet you all. Alex is my partner on the podcast, Bobby. So is this truly without sleep, is that - was that the run? Or is, uh — ALEX: Do you have any advice for us?

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The advice is just to, uh … you know, just presume Helll everybody loves you. Because at one point or another, they - they might. And then keep plugging.

Alright, talk — PJ: