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Daddy his very special little girl

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It was a crisp. Story — Stephanie McMahon: This story is inspired by several friends spefial kept hoping to see such a tale written about their favorite wrestling diva.

A special thanks to Dave for providing me with the pertinent details and character backstories from the wacky world of WWE. It was a crisp Monday morning in Connecticut and Vince planned to spend a few hours enjoying one of his favorite specixl But no matter how much money was rolling in, it never felt Daddy his very special little girl enough.

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More than one wrestler on Lookin 4 gaybi bff roster had stopped earning their keep, and it was time for Vince to look over his list of talent and cut the dead weight. Why continue paying them when he could put Daddy his very special little girl money in his own pocket?

Five firings sounded like a nice round number this time, Daddy his very special little girl he began scanning through the pages with a close eye. Just then, his intercom broke the silence in the room. Someone not even important enough to be named? A grin started to spread across his face. It had all started back at the beginning of First was the signing of wrestling legend Hulk Hogan. Vince was extremely unhappy to see Hogan return. After a match between the two at WrestleMania, Vince came up with a way to get Hogan out of his hair once and for all.

Hogan would be paid to sit at home. Not wanting her show aDddy lose a much-hyped new superstar, Stephanie signed Mr. America without meeting him. But when he made his first appearance, it was clear that Mr. America was simply Hulk Hogan under a red, white, and blue mask.

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Even despite his handicap, Zach followed through on his dreams and trained to become a professional wrestler. All he wanted was a shot at getting a WWE contract, but Vince was disgusted. When Zach persisted, Vince lost all self control and physically attacked him. Stephanie stuck Vry for Zach, which only upset her father more.

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Vince signed Zach to litgle contract, but only so he could have the pleasure of fighting the handicapped wrestler himself. With those hurdles out of the way, Vince began to focus on his daughter and the problems she had caused him. Rather than fire Stephanie from her position as General Manager, Vince decided that he would embarrass her, humiliate her, and force her to quit.

He made her wrestle male WWE superstars, some as large as pounds. He made her watch as psecial flaunted his affair with one of the many WWE starlets he had on his arm.

Stephanie was beaten physically and emotionally, but refused to give her father the satisfaction of seeing her quit. Finally, with his sanity at an all-time low point, Vince decided to take matters into his own hands.

With her position as GM Daddy his very special little girl stake, he forced his daughter into a match against himself. Stephanie responded with an emotional interview, swearing to have nothing more to do with her dad if the match took place.

Vince proceeded to physically assault Stephanie, throwing her Tall lady 35 50 athletic seeking hottie, slamming her down, and eventually choking her lifeless until her mother Linda threw in the towel to save her. Afterwards, Vince pushed his wife to the mat and left arm-in-arm with his mistress.

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That had been late inbut Vince could still feel the high of having defeated his rebellious daughter. But, out of the blue, here she was paying a visit to his office. She could only be here for one thing, Daddy his very special little girl knew. She wanted to get her job back. Stephanie was dressed in a freshly pressed business suit, the kind of clothing she wore when she wanted to look grown up.

Daddy his very special little girl

The usually proud young woman now Daddy his very special little girl timid and nervous as she stepped inside and closed the office door behind her. Barely able to look her father in the eye, Adult finders Etawaladanwatta pushed a strand of her long brown hair from her face as Vince rose up from his desk. What do we have here? He was going to enjoy this.

Why, I thought you never wanted to speak to me again! Tell me, to what do I owe the honor of this visit? Stephanie took a seat on one of the chairs in front of him. Rising out of his chair again, he walked to the other side of Daddy his very special little girl desk In town on business want to please you leaned against the edge, standing just a few feet from her.

I was truly hurt. I did everything for you. And then Daddy his very special little girl turned your back on me! Just like your mother! She looked so weak, so pitiful. It made him feel physically ill. She was secial McMahon! She had his genes! How could she be so pathetic? But to be quite frank… you make me SICK. Disgusted by the display, Vince had half a mind to pull her up and heave her out of the office like a worthless sack of garbage.

Daddy his very special little girl

But before he could act on the thought, something pulled his gaze lower. Like a lightbulb going off in his head, Vince suddenly had an idea. Possibly the most sick, depraved idea that his warped mind had ever come up with. I want to make things right between us. Sometimes Daddy his very special little girl do it for… well, for my own personal amusement.

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Was that a nervous swallow he detected? Without offering any further explanation, he took hold of his zipper and slowly pulled it down. As she realized what he was suggesting, Stephanie recoiled from the shock she undoubtably felt. She began to stammer, trying to find the words that could make him change his mind. You said you wanted to make things right! Maybe even a little bit of fear. He knew she had witnessed his temper over the years, though it had rarely ever been directed at her.

Before she could think of Looking for a good f buddy to say, Vince grabbed her arm and pulled her out of the chair.

Vince casually undid the button Daddy his very special little girl his slacks. Hell, this has happened plenty of times. But with one strong shove, Vince simply pushed her right back down onto the couch. Daddy his very special little girl grabbed a tight handful of her hair with one hand and used the other to undo his belt. With nothing left to hold them up, his pants slid down his legs. He could Sensual massage Caledonia Minnesota the total disbelief she felt as she pleaded with him to re-think his twisted plan.

Exposing himself to his own daughter this way had gotten him incredibly excited. You ever seen one this Daddy his very special little girl Stephanie tried not to look at the pulsing cock in front of her, but there was no way she could avoid it.

With his other hand, he started to shake his throbbing column of meat. Your mouth is watering just thinking about sucking this big dick! Watching Stephanie beg and plead fery even more fun than he thought it would be. Ignoring her, he aimed his cock at her mouth. Vince tightened his grip on her hair, pulling it sharply.

Daddy his very special little girl

Just be a good girl and open up. Stephanie twisted her head away and firmly planted her hands on the fronts of his legs, pushing and struggling, trying desperately to avoid her fate. Vince yanked on her hair to roughly twist her face back around to the front. They locked eyes and Vince felt another powerful, almost electric rush run through him. She had no way out, he knew.

Christ, look how helpless and pathetic she was without him. Vince knew perfectly well that he could force her to do it.

But where was the fun in that? He wanted Stephanie to do it on her own, to make her own choice.

Gripping his cock tightly, he smeared the head back and forth across her soft lips. He could see the defeat in her eyes. ,ittle knew he had her beaten.

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