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College guy looking for cougar to chat I Am Searching Sexual Partners

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College guy looking for cougar to chat

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Hit me up sometime. I didn't listen to my man and ths is my lesson in obedience. I could fill up the page with things to do; by now you should good idea as to what I am waiting for. Waiting for someone fun to go to the steelers game tonight I am new to town and my friend backed out.

Name: Audy
Age: 35
City: Arvada, CO
Hair: Bald
Relation Type: Naughty Teens Wanting Meet Local Singles
Seeking: Search Adult Dating
Relationship Status: Mistress

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We also College guy looking for cougar to chat a chat, just for us. You first have to register here, then Love in lechlade on this link and join okchat. Be sure to use your Reddit username so other users can recognize you! So let's talk cougars. Here is some of my advice on what has worked for me. Long time lurker and poster, throwaway for semi-obvious reasons. After spending about a year on OKC and having dated multiple "cougars," I thought to impart some of what I learned, and also learn from others.

Employed, Ivy league graduate, now living in a cougat metropolitan area.

Being in a large city is obviously what saves me, a larger pool and potential for success. Pics clear pictures is an obvious one. I have a mixture of professional-esque pictures of me in formal attire and some more casual pics of me at bars, music ghy, traveling etc. Only one shirtless pic and I am at the beach, so it works--plus we're dealing with cougars here, they want a little skin but nothing tasteless.

If you're going to be shirtless, be shredded or skinny, don't be fat. If you can grow a beard have gguy pic or two with an awesome beard, then a few fully shaven, maybe one with stubble. Content My profile is filled out thoroughly and accurately, but vaguely enough to appeal to most people yet, a lot of it is tailored from reading hundreds and hundreds of College guy looking for cougar to chat profiles.

Older women are not like 20 year old women on OKC. They read profiles and care College guy looking for cougar to chat theirs, a lot. Their profiles are usually long as fuck, contain a cougxr questions, and have some serious thought put into them.

If guu wanted a dude who spent all day smoking weed Old hickory TN cheating wives playing video games, they'd fuck their 14 year old sons' friends joking. Try to come off like an actually cool, well-rounded, person, like the dude they all describe in their profiles yet never messages them.

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I briefly mention being active, working out, hiking etc. This one is big for cougars because they do fantasize about the cute younger guy at the gym they frequent, cougae do want a hot young running buddy, and they likely have had too many dudes with guts message them on OKC.

I then say that I graduated cum laude a year ago, am employed and would like to travel some more, pursue a graduate degree and take up new hobbies like homebrewing and painting. Cougars are likely to be impressed that I have my shit together like their something year old male counterparts, yet into the energetic, passionate vibe that comes with youth. I talk about how I spend free time "reading and learning new things," and less on the whole "getting really drunk on malt liquor and passing out with a pizza, all while watching netflix" because that shit will turn them off and be unrelatable.

College guy looking for cougar to chat assume you already do that Collegf, and besides, that just sounds like the profile College guy looking for cougar to chat a 20something year old girl on OKC. As far as entertainment, movies, tv, music, food etc. Middle aged japanese ladies in Kenosha Wisconsin

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I wrote a lot of stuff that I am actually into, yet see often on other women's pages. I cohgar surprised at how most of the small talk with these women started from putting Murakami and Pablo Neruda on my profile--seriously do it. Oh, and go for foreign films and documentaries, cougars are into that stuff too.

Questions I filled out a fuckton of questions and put some funny explanations as well for some of them. The results show that I am artsy, scientific, sex-driven surpriseindependent, indie, and political.

This all works pretty well with the cougar demographic in my area. I try to come off dominant and open sexually, yet still somewhat normal, not creepy and chivalrous. Cougars are well aware of what you College guy looking for cougar to chat to them, and don't want a real relationship, but they definitely don't want to be having bad, meaningless sex with someone, so try to come across a little romantic and as though a relationship cht you isn't Lookkng an insane idea.

I get pretty high matches with most cougar-aged women, I only get into trouble on being so sexually open, and so clearly not looking for love. I toned it back a bit and made it less thirsty, but the fact is, I'm 23 messaging women in their 40's, they're going to assume you only want sex, regardless of what your profile Meet mature woman in Tifton. The Pursuit start off by scouting womens' profiles on the advanced search.

Any women over 35 with a lower guu of College guy looking for cougar to chat 26 is fair game. Next, send College guy looking for cougar to chat fucking phenomenal message. It's gonna be a bit of a copypasta but tailor the ro out of it to Xxx gentlemen club Caxias the intro and outro are the only thing consistent. Make it long but not rambling, to the point but not crass, show some balls but don't be cocky.

Don't ask stupid small talk questions, don't compliment her she knows she's hot, she's been hot for 40 years and has had way cooler dudes approach her with every trick in the book.

OCllege lot of these women have been failed and wronged by the older dudes on OKC. The bar is actually pretty low in all honesty--just be good-looking, really normal and sane, have your shit together and don't be pushy or creepy.

Come across open-minded and free spirited, yet focused chatt ambitious. Don't mention too much about age difference, but don't act like its in no way obvious.

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You really want to set yourself apart from the creepy, horny dudes who are looking to fulfill a "milf fantasy" even if that totally is the case for you, just don't let it show. Just College guy looking for cougar to chat one of those "age doesnt matter types.

A cougar I met on OKC messaged me once after a failed date, even though she never responded to my first cpugar, so don't delete messages if you can.

Also, every once in a while a second message might be ok, persistence is good in very certain situations--like the "you're cute but College guy looking for cougar to chat too young for me, but I am so flattered" woman. MISC My last bit of advice is, try to meet cougars friends, seriously. Network like you would a job, they are likely to be established and successful so it won't hurt to know them! Your advice is pretty solid Clugar for casual dating in general.

The biggest flaw, shown by the College guy looking for cougar to chat of critiques here, is that most people posting them have been incapable of more than one or two of those steps. As a 32 year old woman on okc who gets a thousand messages from young 20's males along the lines of, "hey sexiii I'm cougar hunting u interested?

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First of all, I'm not a fucking cougar That does not work on grown women. Mentioning chah like older women' is a turnoff. And do look at their age range. Messaging when you are years below it probably is a waste of time.

They can afford A list and it's message filters.

Fkr, if a woman seems dubious or hesitant, saying "But I'm mature for my age! She's heard it before, it usually isn't true enough for her to care particularly if she isn't super-into the idea of being a cougarand it comes off as pushy and not respectful of her boundaries especially if she Twink sex DuBois a firm "no".

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Also helpful advice, and true. I try to show I am "mature for my age" by being direct, serious and showing that I understand something about dating!

I agree, I try not lookinh push the age range too much.

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If I see a 45 year old woman Senior swingers De Lutte for "a long term relationship" mentions she "wants kids" etc. Here's a hot tip for all you studs out there looking to snatch up life's sloppy seconds. When courting older clientele the trick is to use their children as an in. What you want to do is capture and release after, you sicko one of their young and coat yourself in it's urine.

This covers you in powerful pheromones that are both irresistible to the female cougar and College guy looking for cougar to chat effective sterilizing agent. Thanks to science, you've just scored yourself a one way ticket to bone town, condom free.

College guy looking for cougar to chat

As an added bonus, the piss-soaked shirt you're wearing will help you cool off if you're in a desert, as seen on Man vs. I would love to address any concerns you might have, this is pretty high level game after all, but I'm not a mind reader. You'll have to be more specific with your criticism. As a woman College guy looking for cougar to chat children the last thing I want from a man I've never met is him trying to use my children as a way of trying to talk to me.

I realize you were being sarcastic Fuck buddy Rock Springs I was working on the assumption that you were getting at talking about kids in order to get a woman to respond.

Also, photos on your profiles of gy with your cute kids, nephews, niece's, god children, etc Also not as great as you'd think.

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Unless you have their face blacked out. Then it's cute AND you get points for not Hook up personals Cookes park DC the child for our Girls Dudley that suck dick, even though you still technically are haha.

Put your filter onnow look at the women on OKC in your area. If you can find more than 10 actually College guy looking for cougar to chat girls online in the last looing, with full and fog profiles, numerous questions, a green bar for replies often even a yellowand ZERO mentions of Netflix or "there is no typical friday night," I'll PM you my OKC profile and you can totally publicly shame me.

Women my age suck, and are really irrational, horrible at conveying their thoughts and emotions, and don't College guy looking for cougar to chat to date or hookup at all, with even insanely good looking, sweet guys.

Seriously, if you could meet 21 year old you now, you'd probably fucking hate her and 21 year old you definitely did not welcome the possibility of dating as many men as you do now. It's just not on their radar, online or offline, as I'm sure MANY men in this demographic on this sub will attest to.

And it doesn't hurt that women honestly get better with age, physically and mentally. It's just the damned truth. The green for replies pretty much doesn't gyy for females though, unless they have no photo. Why are you looking at women under 22? The younger ones are still in college! Of course they are in College guy looking for cougar to chat different place than you and not looking for anything serious! My daughters are 18 and 20 and have boyfriends and would consider a 23 year old 'too old' for them.

They also don't need OKC because they have huge social circles with the friend of friends, college buddies etc. The word cougar is highly offensive, as is your "advice. Network with their friends! As if they aren't individual.

I'm so grossed out by this perspective.