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True stories of basement apartment living. Fun fact, I actually had this one about half drawn and inked before the accident, then had to shelf it until I had the hand control necessary to match the lineweight.

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Week four and I think it turned out pretty okay! Normal-sized people would occasionally visit and complain, but who cares about them, amirite. I thought she had a roomate who was constnatly complaining about it being a mess.

That place actully seems clean.

As someone who has been in more than one cave and seen multiple apartments, I can attest to the validity of that. Naw, Jared uses like 20 Snorlax Dolls to plug the entrance to keep the cave warm. No extra ones for B. Rock has the patience of a saint with a bit of Buddha mixed in. Cave City sex for work very specifically are not, Cavd have no intention to.

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Commander is still getting out of women issues, and Jones has a major commitment issue. Neither one of them wants to be dating. However, they also sometimes seem to be about as close to dating as you can be without actually saying the word.

Basically they are dating without calling it dating, more like buddying with benefits, as it seems. Just in case you missed the reference: Absolutely terrible in all Cave City sex for work right ways!

My dad once lived in a shitty flood-prone basement apartment. Or it was business trips, paid by his employer. Not exactly a big paycheck with all these loans to reimbursebut these are jobs Cave City sex for work some opportunities for visiting foreign places.

He was only gone for a week, during which time the landlord made a surprising boost in the odometer. He did buy a house soon afterwards though, Citj I guess he was just saving up for it Cave City sex for work something.

I built an actual cave, it even has cave mould growing on the wall. I must admit to a bit of an LOTR obsession.

You just need to punch a tree until it turns into blocks of wood, turn the wood into planks, some of the planks into sticks, then sticks and planks into a crude wooden pickaxe. Then you can dig out a square Cave City sex for work of Chat with hot japanese women every ten seconds or so.

Jonesy is too much of a slob even for me. This coming from a guy whose apartment is actively hostile to life. Cave City sex for work by that, I am assuming that you live in Australia then because that is the only place I can imagine an apartment being as such, the only place in the world where everything is capable of killing a person.

I mean, have you seen what a Lego can do to your foot if you step hard enough? Please son, my Citj will come seex all the comforts of home. Slugma powered water heaters, Seadra plumbing, Joltik powered generators, and Citj course, Eevees fucking everywhere. Cause Eevee is the most adorable thing ever.

Although I do agree. Eevee is Grand rapids girls fucking in pa BEST. Oh my god, you monster! What have you done! BUT jolticks eat electricity. You feed them with batteries. You want Pikachu turbines, like in ep 2 of the anime. I lived in a basement in QLD, Aussie for a whiles — pros and Cave City sex for work. Rock and brick walls; cool for humidity but covered in kaleidoscopes of mould. Still, 3 usable beds for me and my girlfriend to choose from was pretty decadent.

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It would require constant maintenance and would probably require that the basement walls be made Cave City sex for work that special concrete that can harden underwater. Also, the foundation would be useless since it would be built on loose mud. Think the tower of Piza but you live in it.

During the winter, the water table is about 1 foot above the surface of the dirt.

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As a Floridian, I know that issue. Is Jonesy living in a basement or one of those coffins that magicians put stagehands in to fake-murder them?

Thankfully, I am economy sized, so the only time I wrok to worry about it was when I was putting on shirts and would bang my hands against the ceiling. Amazingly, the shed had previously been inhabited by my roommate, who was a big bear of a man.

It could be low enough for Bismarck swinger club people, but too low for someone considered to be tall. My theory while waiting for the eventual comic coloring to clarify? That or maybe Cave City sex for work Heal Slime from the Dragon Quest universe.

I immediately thought it was a healslime, yes.

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I really hope it is, because that is adorable and now I want one. Man she could keep a healslime as a pet in a world where video game characters are real.

Just noticing the lack of stubble. Makes him seem 20 years younger….

That being said I need to stop shaving. Aging well is a genetic thing and environmental thing also. You can look younger for your age aging well or look really old for your age aging faster than average. You could also be a simple farmer Cave City sex for work all day in the field and have the wrinkles and tanned leather look to show for it. Ill go with genetics.

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My fathers in mid 50s and he gets mistaken for my nonexistant older brother. Ah yes low ceilings. Got mixed feelings about them. But on the other, I did have my first kiss in a living room where the ceiling was low.

Some people have done it, here and there. The ones on TV seem to be always near some village.

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Wow, I can relate. Put on a couple of sweaters and threw on some extra blankets at night.

Open the blinds in the morning let sunlight warm the apartment, close them in the evening. I was in a weird dorm-rental-thing where the floor plan was four bedrooms, one kitchen, two bathrooms. So 2 bedrooms shared 1 bath. I walked in to the bathroom the first night and was like, what the hell, the tub Cave City sex for work completely surrounded by mold and the caulk is lifting up.

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She was, so I bussed out on Friday to the hardware store, got a caulk gun and some caulk, bussed back 1. Scrubbed the hell out of it.

Caulked the sucker, let it cure for the next day and night, and then it was done. Her first comment when she got back? The landlord finally fixed it.

I worked for the National Park Service for a summer, and let me tell you it was not easy renting a room for month-to-month in the Cave City sex for work of ! Ended up in a leaky basement as well. My partner and I would give them names and sing songs about them.

I will never forget Fred the Magic Booking Slug. Man that little guy could move!

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Oh god the imagery. Brando, that is some scary living that girl does. I Not to sound cliche however, but wotk reminiscent of living with my first roommate.

Jonesy is quite sincerely one of my favorite characters I empathize with the low-key being a mess thing.

But also, I love you because of Jared and his recurring secret base. Our original house I barely remember wor, it seemed fine. The apartments in St Louis, on the other hand, would get hardcore flooded.

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You kept everything in tightly sealed plastic totes carefully stacked on wooded pallets because without fail, the sump pumps would back up. Somebody forgot to build a loop in the piping, and build a perfect siphon to suck water into the house instead.

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You know how they tent a house when its getting something exterminated? Commander looks really youthful in the upper right panel, not sure why, maybe the way the cops are framing his head?

My first Cave City sex for work, my first damn apartment, had a west facing wall against a hill.

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Come spring it was still damp while the rest of the house had dried out.