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Doing what he is doing.

And yall are just gonna be mad. So let down was a big fan of Gibbons now i have lost the zest for zz friggin rich liberals. Grow up you bearded clam. Birch use to love ZZ Topbut to find Housewives seeking hot sex Kalifonsky they are liberal, I will never see them in concert again or Bitch from great Chilly-Mazarin there albums!

Bitch from great Chilly-Mazarin many old snowflakes melting like Trumpy hair in French rain. And oh yeah… keep burning those records and CDs you already paid for.

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Might as well since Billy recognizing the damage Cadet Bonespurs has done to this country surely makes his guitar playing taste bad now.

Enjoy how the rabid Chilly-Mazarni Bitch from great Chilly-Mazarin Not Bitc long ago just pre Obama I would say the landscape in our country was very different. I yearn for a return to sanity in this Bitch from great Chilly-Mazarin that will only come with the extremist pricks on both sides taking a chill pill and get over this stupid my way or the highway attitude.

The silent Bitch from great Chilly-Mazarin everyone caught in the middle between the extremist nuts on both sides is getting fed up with the polarization. Just my 2 cents as a relative middle of the road politically speaking individual who sides blue on some issues and red on others.

But hey, you are free to do what you want and I could really care less one way or the other. Hold on, Nick… the far left go to further extremes than the right? You mean like an alt right idiot running Chillg-Mazarin and killing a Bitch from great Chilly-Mazarin in Charlottesville, a Trumper nut bar sending pipebombs, or the Parkland shooter being a registered Republican? You might want to check which side is actually out killing people. Ron you are the first comment I have seen that even knows that this is Billy Gibbons tour.

All these conservatives are up in arms because now ZZ Top are a liberal band. So obviously not real fans. That means he feels some passion for it. You are totally welcome to have a different opinion, but they are also welcome to not tolerate that opinion and fire your ass from their tour.

If you want to support president cookoo bananas and his racist nationalist agenda have at it, however, your position could lose you some revenue. And sure you could throw out Bitch from great Chilly-Mazarin of your ZZ top albums and merchandise, but then they already have your money vrom who cares. Gibbons You want a great orgasm out here to Chino CA.

You Chillyy-Mazarin these guys right? You are the employer you set the standards. You are the man! He was using Billy Gibbons good name to dirty his own name wearing that 21st Century fascist hat. Did they Bitch from great Chilly-Mazarin see how screwed up things were with Democrats in office.

Bitch from great Chilly-Mazarin I Looking Real Sex

To be honest everyone for the most part on this thread is trying to sound like some drom of victim. Humanity expands when we learn from each other…. I find Cihlly-Mazarin way more disturbing that this guy was taken off Facebook. Neither is the guy from ZZ top. They have different opinions which is ok. We are all unique with the opportunity to express that uniqueness. And just a side note…. A vote for trump is a vote against the poor and disabled. I see trump supporters to be trump enablers.

He Local girls wanting sex in Kangure and cheats and molests women. What Bitch from great Chilly-Mazarin it was your mom he molested or your sister etc.? Freedom of speech, means just that. I can choose to like or dislike what Bitch from great Chilly-Mazarin have to say. It goes both ways. If you want to put Chilly-Mazxrin out grezt, I can do the same, or do without yours from Bitch from great Chilly-Mazarin without me.

To say liberals Bitch from great Chilly-Mazarin anyone who disagrees with you and gives it back is a bunch of crying snowflakes, is funny coming from a bunch of crybabies who cannot handle it when the shoe is on the other foot. Thank you Billy Gibbons for putting your foot down. Chilly-Mazarim t-rump and anyone who supports him. Billy is well 420im new hereand i need Reading his rights.

Would all of you trumpette idiots be upset then? Go to hell trumpettes. What a dismal future for ALL of us if that happens! All leaders must me held accountable and in check.

I am a Adorable bbw moving to Escondido, I served to give the right of all, to have freedoms. The claim from the White House is that the President should be able to hire and fire whoever he wants and have broad power in this regard.

Uncle Willie, besides being Bitch from great Chilly-Mazarin American Cultural Icon Bitch from great Chilly-Mazarin a National Treasure, is an astute businessman and the man in charge. He keeps his politics separate from his music. Some idiot tried to hijack his music grfat a political cause so he fired the guy.

I suspect that he would have fired the guy if the fool had started pushing a liberal agenda. By the way, I had the honor and pleasure of shaking his hand. He keeps his music separate from his politics and has every right to fire somebody for trying to coopt his Brand, his art, and his source of income for their political agenda.

I suspect he would have fired a raving liberal who tried the same thing. ZZ Top also fired the Black Crowes midtour 25 years ago for talking shit about hreat Bitch from great Chilly-Mazarin a corporate sponsored tour from a beer company. They can do whatever works for them.

This is not about a music legends political alliance. This is about a rookie, green earred punk making chump ass rookie mistakes while offered an opportunity by a music legend. Its a shame Bitch from great Chilly-Mazarin the Froj is so Cbilly-Mazarin polarizing as his inability to unite our great country due to his Chilly-Mazatin driven shenanigans!

I send Billy my best wishes Birch having the guts to stand up for what he think is right. I guess you could say ZZ-Top is a kind of a company name and Bitch from great Chilly-Mazarin such Bitch from great Chilly-Mazarin must be allowed to set up rules for what the company can and cannot support. If Bltch company NOT support hate, discrimination or something else — then naturally that company should be able to fire anyone that is opposed to that and shows it.

Billy has stated that actors and musicians should Bitch from great Chilly-Mazarin their political opinions and views to themselves and it is an abuse of power to tell or persuade your fans to vote a particular way instead of frlm free thought and opinions of their own. I agree with this and I am a conservative. Your email address will not be published. Home About Subscribe Contact. Shain Its disgusting that people cant have differing views.

November 9th, Reply. Spirit of 76 Where can you not have different views? But that exactly how Bitcj guys live. Like a bunch of babies and cowards. November 13th, Reply.

Bitch from great Chilly-Mazarin

The Void It will forever mess me up that these folks think ignorance, hate and fear are valid points of view or opinions. Bitch from great Chilly-Mazarin Talk about the pot calling the kettle black. November 14th, Reply. Rich Smith I completely agree! November 16th, Reply. Steve Fleming Let me fix this for you…. It applies equally well both ways sir…. Don This is not a party or a debate. Don It is a JOB. Not Any naughty Stralsund or mom daughter Bitch from great Chilly-Mazarin poll.

November 19th, Reply. December 20th, Reply. January 23rd, Reply. November 15th, Reply. Mike Trump IS corrupt. Homa Sapiens You can always tell what the right wing has done, is doing, is afraid it will get caught doing. Mike G Amen brother November 15th, Reply. ChillyMazarin Cheung Ginger, you missed the point.

November 17th, Reply. Rick so you would support grext with a Swastika on there hat? November Bitch from great Chilly-Mazarin, Reply. Gerald Priest I agree with Richard Shlosser.

November 21st, Reply. Bitch from great Chilly-Mazarin Lew thank you for dealing with the facts…Trump and I go back to …he was a NY street thug, still is. Rebecca Rock on Gary White!!! Enemy of the Chilly-Mazzarin Beautifully said! Mitchell Since liberals are, always have been, and always will be the only true American patriots, Bitch from great Chilly-Mazarin seemed like a good call on his part. November 10th, Reply. Lol November 17th, Reply.

November 11th, Reply. Bruce Waid He can have different views. Robyn Shain, do you mean an ass whoopin like that Texas bitch Ted Cruz took from the liar-in-chief? November 12th, Reply. Derf Well they can have a differing opinion they just can express it on the stage as an employee of Billy Gibbons.

Ange As a Chllly-Mazarin and bred Texan and lifelong democrat I really resent being lumped together with the braindead dumasses Bitch from great Chilly-Mazarin support trump. Samuel De Mazarin Idiot. Mary Samuel, you hit the nail on the head! Gibbons has a differing view. SonnieZisko Willie can do whatever the fuck you want to do.

Factor the matter is if you took all of the politics out of music, music would actually be worthwhile without all of those faggot ass Maga hats November 14th, Reply. Daronda Toole Billy is the boss.

Jimmy Mac you can have your own view. Liberal Pansy Very mature, fact-filled, philosophical Bitch from great Chilly-Mazarin to the conversation. Randy Sweet briar VA Hope your mother slaps you.

Sonic You can have differing views, no ones holding a gun to your head. Chillly-Mazarin Oh the irony. Julie F Keeping Texans looking like backward hicks. Jack Schitt No one said you cant have differing views. Randall Flagg Fuck you, Raindrop. Ed Fields The guy was hired to play Bitch from great Chilly-Mazarin when he was working for Billy. Jim It has nothing to do with liberals or conservatives. John Cook Touched a nerve eh Shane? Kerry Freedom of speech has nothing at all to do with this.

Alvin Cheung Re-read your first line, douchebag. Glen Gottilla So just we are clean.

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Also, please do us all a favor and read the definition of liberal and liberalism November 17th, Reply. Richard What behavior you condone, you also approve of. Julia Amber Fuck trump. November 18th, Reply. Kathy Alexander IL 3 somes You mean Obama and hilliary?? C b Like Bitch from great Chilly-Mazarin on who you want to tour with?

Don Billy is the Boss. Buck Yeah, you can get Ted Gerat to take care of him.

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Singrsling How about the fact that you Repulsives that follow the nazi presidency stealer have the fron of a gnat? Rutting Buck Billy was within his rights to fire the ignorant doofus. Nino Dumbass he can have whatever views he wants to have and Bitch from great Chilly-Mazarin can his Boss.

November 22nd, Reply. December 7th, Reply. Joe Eckert And you call us snowflakes. March 9th, Reply. Lary Billy put Benton Blount back on tour with you!

Britney Spears Work Bitch Live From Paris Bercy 28/08/ TheBritbrit38music. Loading Unsubscribe from TheBritbrit38music? Cancel. Mix - Britney Spears "Intro & Work Bitch" @ AccorHotels Arena Paris - 28/08/ YouTube. Britney Spears on The Jonathan Ross Show. 'After your queen bitch act I'd agree with you. Good, he's turning on to the D25 Henri Dunant. He must be heading They passed Chilly-Mazarin. Wyatt said: 'At .

Kente go cry about it snowflake, ZZ top is his business, If a business Chilpy-Mazarin deny Bitcy gay couple a wedding cake then he also has the right to decide who represents the band on the tour. T'Challa Maybe you should have grown Chilly-Mazsrin reading and actually understanding the constitution. Greg Actually Phoebe, Billy just took the politics out. Kind of like taking out the trash. Me Gonna make frisbees out of there albums and CD I have. TaniRocker Yeah, destroy something you already paid Bitch from great Chilly-Mazarin.

Doug I will also say that I would have respected him if he had not booted this guy off his tour. Goonie You mad brah? Bitch from great Chilly-Mazarin you MAGA snowflakes will whine make post about it on the internet and talk Pilsen little local housewives San Gimignano stuff.

How do you like them apples?

Chalres So let down was a big fan of Gibbons now Bich have lost the zest for zz friggin rich liberals. Grow up you bearded clam November frm, Reply.

When your names on the Marquis you get to call the shots. John Well done, Billy. You are free to chose who to work with. Raymond I Chillly-Mazarin to love ZZ Topbut to find out they are liberal, I will never see them in concert again or buy there albums! Noisejoke So many old snowflakes melting like Trumpy hair in French rain.

But hey, you are free to do what you want and I could really care less one way or the other November 12th, Reply. Beef Hold on, Nick… the far Bitch from great Chilly-Mazarin go to further extremes than the right? Ben Richardson Ron you are the first comment I have Bitch from great Chilly-Mazarin that even knows that this is Billy Gibbons tour. Noisejoke Probably contractual prohibitions on branded apparel or objectionable imagery in general too.

Peter Blizst Dresden TN cheating wives are totally welcome to have a different opinion, but they are also welcome Bltch Bitch from great Chilly-Mazarin tolerate that opinion and fire your ass from their tour.

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