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A night of powerful passion

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Is this good or bad? Depends on what you claim to be passionate about. There are definitely passions that are not good for us. When I was younger I have to say farming and keeping our family farms together was my A night of powerful passion passion.

A night of powerful passion

Was I passionate about my beautiful wife? Yes, but I often put the farm ahead of her and my kids. Not too smart on my part. The farm was my life.

My passion for it was overwhelming and ran my life. Nothing else mattered as long as the farm was doing OK.

My passion was so misplaced that something had to happen for my life to get on the right track. Thank God it did. Luckily my brother invited me to take part in an Easter cantata.

Since I enjoyed music I agreed. I had no idea how much that one act would change my life. My passion began to change. Oh it took years before my new passion would win out nght it started with that one cantata where I met Jesus for real and he became A night of powerful passion of my heart.

I began leading worship at church mainly because I could sing well. But doing it made me change.

Passions -

I truly began to follow Jesus and his A night of powerful passion became clearer and clearer to me. Love God, love people and realize it is not about you.

I actually remember where I was standing when this realization came to me. I became so passionate about leading the church in worship.

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I read or watched anything that would help me better understand what worship leading was all about in the eyes of God. I lead the worship team for about twelve years until one day I realized God had more in store for my passion.

At 50 years old I came up with the bright idea to be a preacher. Yea laugh if you want. You would have if you knew where I came from.

I was a farmer who knew nothing about writing sermons and pastoring people in the ways of God. I hated English class in college and now I was deciding to write and speak in front of people every week.

But powerfkl can make you A night of powerful passion strange things. I went back to school. Got my masters in three years. They gave you seven to do it, but my passion had kicked in.

I was pretty comfortable at the church I had been a member of for 54 years.

Sunday Night: My Passion Sermon by Jim Caswell, John -

But I decided after much prayer and talking with my wife to go to Blue Licks, a little church just poerful the road. But my passion was stronger than all those who pushed back.

Many joined me in my passion and we grew. My passion and my love for my Passsion will not allow me to ever give up on sharing His Word with others.

A night of powerful passion Search Real Swingers

Even when they may not want to hear or even be around me anymore. I am privileged to be in my fourth year at BLCC.

But there was another story in the Bible about passion and what it can cause people to do. It was about noon. How A night of powerful passion you powegful me for a drink? Home Sermons Sunday Night: We are to worship God always with everything. Passion-any powerful or compelling emotion or feeling, as love or hate. That is what the dictionary said about passion. What are you passionate about?

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Pick out what you are passionate about. Maybe it is a cause. Any thing that begins to control A night of powerful passion way we act and what we do becomes a passion. I lived this way for far too long I must admit. Download Sermon with PRO.

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